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I write My Little Pony fan fictions from time to time. Some of them are about head cannons I and other Bronies have thought of.

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The Doctor and Derpy are in 1832 Equestria, where they hear a fillys story about a mysterious stallion who is always seen sitting in a bench in the woods, but when you get close to him, the stallion disappears. Is it some kind of optical illusion in the leaves, or is something more going on here? Could this filly's story actually be true?

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A Hearth’s Warming Tail was an amazing episode and a great version of a Christmas Carol by Charels Dickens. But because the run time was so short for a story that is most often told in the length of a movie, and it was even shorter than 22 minutes because it showed Ponyville and the real world of Equestria before getting to the story, a lot of great elements from a Christmas Carol were cut out, like Tiny Tim, Scrooge’s Nephew, the donation to the homeless, and the love interest that Scrooge had that led him to a broken heart. I wanted to make an extended edit of A Hearth’s Warming Tail, and this time adding all the main elements the original story had that made it great. I made this using the script of the original episode, so mostly everything from the episode was kept in, except for the times when you are at Twilight’s Castle in the real world of Equestria.

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This story is based on a theory I have about Hearth's Warming Eve, and how I think it really happened. It is also based on other theories, such as Doctor Wolf's theory that Clover The Clever is Princess Twilight from the future. This is my first story, so I apologize if I'm a little bit rough.

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