• Published 12th Aug 2016
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The Phoenix - Script Singer

A baby Phoenix worries about her future.

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(6) Arise

At first, nothing happened...

But then the ashes finally arose and a great beam of light burst in the sky. Philomena opened one eye.

"I did it!" she chirped. "I did it Luna!!!"

"I knew you could." Luna smiled. "Let's go home."

Philomena soared into the sky and let the wind catch her wings. She was so beautiful. She soared into the castle window where Princess Celestia's room was.

"Welcome home, Philomena." she sighed.

Philomena landed on her old post where she used to perch back before she ran away. She realized, that she was happy here with the Princesses.

"Philomena," Celestia uttered.

Philomena looked at the princess.

"Don't you ever run away again please?"

Philomena smiled at the princess.

Author's Note:

I'm finally finished!!!!!!!!!!! I am thinking about making a sequel. about her parents. I hope you liked this story!!!:twilightsmile:

Comments ( 3 )

This was a nice little story, and a sequel would be good. But if you're finished, you really should change the story's status to "Complete".

Yah, I forgot about that. Still new with this. I'm better at other stuff and not good with fan fiction.

Thanks for the tips. I was freaking out no one would like my story. Im not good at fan fiction for mlp. one of my stories that is not mlp is based off of an old action show starting with TT and has been remade into TTG witch makes fun of origonal :twilightangry2:

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