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I'm a guy who loves many things. Trains, planes, writing, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and especially ponies. I became a Brony on 9-1-2013, and my life's never been the same since then. I hope you enjoy my works.


So, I'm mowing my back lawn (sort of) in early November when Twilight appears out of nowhere. She becomes curious about this new world she's in, so I take her on a little excursion.

I know this isn't my best story, but I'm posting it for two reasons. One, this is actually the first MLP fanfiction I've ever written, and two, I'm doing this to commemorate my 2-year anniversary as a Brony. Like I said, it may not be perfect, but I'm already prepared for the amount of hate I'm going to get over this story, especially because of a certain hockey team... :twilightblush:

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Ah, a blackhawks fan, hello my old rival *Puts on San Jose Sharks Jersey*

7427708 Hey, to be fair, I rooted for you guys in the finals. Any time a Stanley Cup Virgin (my terminology for any NHL team who has yet to win the Cup) appears in the finals and doesn't play against the Hawks, I'm rooting for them.

Maybe we'll see each other in the playoffs next season...

That's good, I know most people who hate on the sharks (Because they're the sharks) or they get on the ban wagon and say they're a penguins fan (Or which ever team wins the Stanley cup) I am happy that I have found another brony that is also a hockey fan.

Maybe, or maybe the sharks will choke, again . . .

7428289 Who knows?

Actually, I've lost a slight bit of hope for the Hawks this upcoming season. With Teuvo Teravainen (& Bryan Bickell) headed to the Hurricanes and Andrew Shaw headed to the Canadiens, we've lost some key players and I have no idea what our recent draft picks are like. Plus, I heard a rumor that Trevor van Riemsdyk, one of our defensemen, may head to the new team in Las Vegas next summer.

For 2017, if we don't end up winning the Cup, I'd be hoping that it be won by either the Rangers or the Capitals (or the Sharks. Why not?). Both Alexander Ovechkin and Henrik Lundqvist really deserve their names on the Stanley Cup.

I swear that new Las Vegas team is gonna screw up some trades, the rumor so far is that each current team is going to have to give Vegas one player, that and the owner is a billionaire so who know what could happen.

7428846 I just hope that the Hawks protect the right 7 players. There may not be a right or wrong in this case, but I'm sure you've heard of our salary cap issues in recent months, and that could really affect our decision of who to protect. There are rumors that Brent Seabrook, another defenseman, will be traded sometime soon, and if he doesn't leave the Hawks this season, I have a feeling he'll most definitely be headed to the Black Knights (or whichever name they choose). I'm sure there's a similar situation regarding the Sharks, but I haven't paid much attention to who would most likely be traded away from that team.

This story.... So SWEET! ........*Diabetus*

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