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Princess Celestia has been put through hell. With every minute it seems her subjects are growing more disloyal. After so long, one just simply falls off the edge after such mistreatment. When she gave in, everything mostly goes on Luna and Twilight.

One could never expect the ending of an immortal life, but worse yet does anypony even care?

This is my first FiMFic (really my first story ever) so it probably has a lot of problems. If you want to proofread/help with this, please let me know. Though if you are here to be a critic, do not I repeat DO NOT be cold! A lot of the writing in this was done during the last schoolyear, while I was under a lot of stress. I am still under stress and also still in a bad situation so please be courteous and refrain from being cold with me.

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The concept looks interesting enough and this looks like a modernization of Equestria...so yeah this should be interesting.

She would usually Luna with a casual though still fairly regal greeting.


Luna is now almost sure that this was related to the plague and the border closing.

Clearly this is the most moral gang in all of Equestria. Who cares about lives when bits are more important?!

7219302 Thank you for pointing that out! I'll get right on to fixing it. Can't believe I missed that lol

Also about the "gangs". This first encounter is more of a message. Basically to try and scare people. They could be considered "terrorists" more so.

Also I have a lot of this written out. I've just been really lazy with actually typing everything out. (A lot of this was written in my free time at school last year.)

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