by Ph0b1a

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Princess Celestia's subjects have become disloyal to her and all of Canterlot's Royalty and are turning Equestria into a dystopia. After the pressure becomes too much, Celestia can no longer take it and gives up hope.

Princess Celestia has been put through hell. With every minute it seems her subjects are growing more disloyal. After so long, one just simply falls off the edge after such mistreatment. When she gave in, everything mostly goes on Luna and Twilight.

One could never expect the ending of an immortal life, but worse yet does anypony even care?

This is my first FiMFic (really my first story ever) so it probably has a lot of problems. If you want to proofread/help with this, please let me know. Though if you are here to be a critic, do not I repeat DO NOT be cold! A lot of the writing in this was done during the last schoolyear, while I was under a lot of stress. I am still under stress and also still in a bad situation so please be courteous and refrain from being cold with me.


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This night started out normally. From the sky, Princess Luna flew down at the end of just another day spent on the moon. She was entering Equestria to begin her shift as the guardian of the night.

"Just like any other night" Princess Luna thinks to herself.

She begins on her way to the guard tower where she greeted her sister Princess Celestia, who is on her way to rest, as her shift as guard had just ended. She doesn't reply to the greeting. Something is different about her tonight it seems. She would usually respond to Luna with a casual though still fairly regal greeting.

"Are you alright, sister?" Luna asked.

She gets no response from Princess Celestia, other than a slight turn of head and a glance her way. Her glance show expression not of anger, but of sadness.

Thinking back, Luna in fact realizes that the past week wasn't really as normal as usual. Her sister had not been normal. Celestia has seemed withdrawn throughout the past week. Luna also realizes though that most of her week has also been spent on the moon. She hasn't really had a chance to just sit down and talk to her sister for a while, let alone in the past week.

"I think I should go talk to her." Luna says to herself.

For now, she must push this to the back of her mind so she can keep a close eye on the sleeping city of Canterlot. Most nights are completely uneventful, as is still expected of this one even though Celestia has been acting strange. It has been quite a long time since a raid on Equestria, let alone Canterlot has occurred. Though it is really only her job to guard the castle at this level of alert, which is none at all, she can pretty much see all of Canterlot from this tower.

"Pardon me, your majesty. You have some company downstairs." A member of Luna's royal guard says.

The member of her royal guard is a bat pony, as is all of her guard. Luna nods her head in response.

"I'll take guard until you return to your post" He says.

"Thank you." Luna says before taking her leave, starting down the stairwell to the gallery where her company is awaiting.

In the center of the gallery stands another member of Luna's royal guard. By what one can tell, he is unhappy to say the least. He looks to have been beaten pretty severely, bruised and cut from whatever had happened to him. Luna is a bit confused at the sight, as she cannot fathom what could have happened.

"My...what has happened to you?" Luna asks with great concern.

"Your highness, I have just returned from the City of Fillydelphia, where I was inspecting the city for your visit. I had become lost on my way out I think." He says, very weakly.

Fillydelphia is known for being one of the most dangerous cities in Equestria, as it has had some gang-related problems since who knows when. Trotting into the wrong part of town there has been known to be like walking into the middle of a warzone, one in which anypony may be a target, as the gangs are known for not only killing each other, but anypony who seems unusual or maybe suspicious in a state of high alert.

"Damn Fillydelphia! Do they not know of peace? Is that just too much of an alien idea that they cannot wrap their small minds around it?!" Luna says angrily, stomping about.

She quickly realizes that she had just uttered an insult on the entire city, and quickly regained control of herself.

"Sorry for the outburst..." She said, faintly blushing over her outburst of immature behavior.

Gang warfare and has been becoming more of a problem for not only Fillydelphia, but other cities of Equestria as well. Though there are the usual gangs, there have also been merchant gangs forming. Gangs of traders have been sprouting up here and there. These "trader gangs" are most likely forming due to an indefinite-term law that Princess Celestia had put in place, closing off all borders. Her closing of the borders is due to a plague that has been reported to be spreading through the transport of imported goods, mostly the edible ones.

"How I wish they would trace this already..." Luna thought to herself as she thinks about the plague.

"Ever since that plague began spreading, traders have been ganging up on everypony! They are just acting so..." as she trails off trying to think of a fitting insult, though catches herself and holds off on saying anything immature herself.

"Noble guard, did you catch a glimpse of the ones who attacked you?" Luna asked.

"I nearly blacked out. I was also attacked from behind at first." says the guard.

"Cowards..." Luna thinks to herself.

"They weren't wearing anything that looked gang-related, so I'm guessing they weren't part of one. They all seemed drunk or under the influence of something. One said something about this being revenge for 'getting in the way of business' or something like that." the battered guard weakly mumbled, struggling to stand up on his hooves.

Luna is now almost sure that this was related to the plague and the border closing. She calls for Steelwing, who is just now making his way through the gallery doorway himself. Steelwing is the captain of Luna's royal guard.

"Steelwing, please escort this wounded guard to the medical ward." Luna commands.

"Of course, your highness" Steelwing responds, and then begins helping the wounded guard to the medical ward, as he can just barely walk after all that has happened today.

Before Steelwing is gone, Luna calls for him one more time.

"Also Steelwing, may you please take over watch duty for me? I have something else I must attend to." Luna not commands, but casually asks.

"Consider me already there, Princess Luna!" He responds.

"Thank you, dear Steelwing." Luna says as he walks out.