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What will one have to do to fulfill their destiny? Long ago when pony cared not for each other, they let their selfish hate and distrust unleash the greatest threat peace and harmony. So two fillies will have to embark on a journey to find the only thing that will stop him and even become the most powerful creatures to ever exist.

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Have a like and a fave! :trollestia:

Why did you cancel this story? If you don't mind me asking, I mean it seems like you put some time into it, and it's very Interesting.

4739258 Well, when I first started writing this story I had lots of free time and made the mistake of not writing down what I had planned. Then my life got very busy and after a few months when I came back to write more, I realized I had forgotten what I had originally planned and lost the motivation to try and re-plan the story, so I cancelled it

4743680 Ya, re-planing is a nightmare. A shame tho, looks like it could have been a great story.

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