• Published 20th Jul 2015
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Strangers - Nero Fenice

Button Mash and Sweetie Belle used to be the best of friends but years have torn them apart.

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Showdown and Showtime

The town has one big party on the eve of the celebration. Sweetie told me that we had to be there early so we could get ready, like all the other performers. The party begins at 10 in the afternoon and the performances will start at 11 and she told me, we had to be there two hours early. I can say I was nervous about tonight for so many reasons rather than a lot of ponies will be watching my every move, but a big one was I was worried about Sweetie Belle. She was a train wreck last night because of me so I can only hope that it doesn't happen when we're doing this live in front of every pony in town. When I woke up I was hit immediately by butterflies in my stomach that almost hurt. I looked around for my clock and saw that I slept till noon which was the latest I've slept for.

'I slept that late' I said to myself as I got up. Then reality really slapped me across the face waking me up fully. I hurried towards Sweetie's house. 'I hope your up Sweetie.' I said to myself. I was determined to have her master this song with me. Not for my benefit but for hers, saving her reputation as a musical artist. I thought of who would be there, well Rarity of course, Camera, the mayor, Twilight and the rest of Rarity's friends, most of the town and maybe so ponies from Canterlot. Hopeful not the other princesses at that. I got to her house and slowed down a bit trying to catch my breath. I walked in casually trying not to show that I've been running all the way here.

I saw Rarity in the front making a new dress like business was normal on a normal day. I didn't see Sweetie so I walked over to Rarity, Sweetie is usually either with Rarity or doing errands for her.

"Hey Rarity, do you know where Sweetie is by any chance?" I asked her.

"Hello Button. Sweetie said she was going for a walk in the park. Why do you ask?" She said raising her eyebrow.

"We still need to practice our song for tonight."

"Oh, well I hope you find her at the park. Good luck if I don't see you until then Button."

"Thanks Rarity, see you then." I said rushing out the front door. I never thought of the park, now I fell like a complete idiot. She always loved the park when we were younger. I started to walk to the park which isn't that far from Sweetie's home so there was no need to run. I continued to stress myself out over this. Wow... I think Sweetie is turning me into a girl. Ether way its killing me, all I can do is find her and practice. I got to the park and started down one of the many paths trying to remember where she loved to play when we were younger. I was at a fork in the path which just made me frustrated because I don't remember anything about the park besides the picture. The picture, if I find that place I could find Sweetie. I remembered how to get there so I began walking again. The I heard yelling down the path.

"Just leave me alone!" I heard some pony familiar scream.

"Sweetie." I said under my breath and started to pick up the pace in its direction.

"Get away!" She sounded close. Then I heard him.

"Your coltfriend isn't here Sweetie so no pony can help you." I heard him say to her. I turned the bend and saw them. She was backed up against a tree and he was advancing on her slowly. "So just forget him and come with me, Sweetie." I ran as hard as I could and plowed him down, he rolled across the green ground and stopped next to another tree in the tiny grove.

"Are you okay Sweetie?" I quickly turned to her.

"I'm fine, thank you Button." She told me, calming down a little. I was happy she was okay but I had a bigger problem to deal with at the moment.

"Sweetie, get back to your house and wait for me there." I told her as he was getting up off the ground.

"Please don't do this Button." She pleaded to me. She probably thought that this would make it worse which it could but that is something for the future.

"Go Sweetie." I told her. I didn't want her see me fight him but I needed to end her torment from this stallion.

"Please, Button."

"Just go, I will be right behind you." I said to her. "I promise and this promise I will keep."

"Hurry back." She said then ran down the same path I came from.

He was off the ground now and he was visually angry. I didn't care who he was but he needed to stop tormenting her. I couldn't let this continue, I wouldn't let this continue. "You have two options here. Option 1: Stop this with Sweetie, apologize and walk away. That's the easy way. Option 2: I continue to hurt you until you stop. That's the hard way. Your choice and you need to make a choice now." I told him "I have no problem with doing either of them." I could feel my own anger inside, I didn't want this to get physical but I will do what I must, in order to protect Sweetie.

"I pick option 3: I beat you till you can't stand and I take Sweetie from you." He stated then changed towards me. I quickly got out of the way and he ran head first into the tree behind me but that did nothing to him, he quickly swung around and hit me straight in the jaw. He came around with his other hoof but I blocked it by raising my arm up. Then I grabbed it and flipped him over my back. He hit the ground when I released him from my hand. For a guard in training he was reckless, I always thought that was the first thing they were taught, hand to hand combat. He knocked my legs out from under me and I fell to the ground hard. He tried to pin me but I kicked him off and he tumbled back.

I got up. "My offer still remains you know." He remained silent and charged me again. I moved out of the way again but as he went by I grabbed his arm and swung him around and used his speed to toss him away. When he hit the ground he tried to get up but I pushed him down. "Leave me and her alone. Unless you want to do this again." I told him as coldly as possible, I don't know why but I liked it, hurting someone. I slightly shivered from the feeling. I let my hoof off of him and walked away silently. I hoped I never had to do that again, I hated hurting some pony but I needed to. I guess it just became I part of me, a part I hated.

When I arrived at Sweetie's house she was waiting outside pacing in front of the door. She saw me and raced over to me. She threw her arms around me and said "Don't do that again."

"I hope I never need to again." I told her and held her close. For her, I would do anything. "Do you know what time it is?" I asked her still holding her tight.

"Its 7:30. We can still make it if you want to." She told me. I let her go and she did the same.

"Let's do that." I told her then we started walking towards the event. As we were walking I was thinking of the stallion. I hope he's going to leave her alone for good.

"Button..." I heard a some pony whisper. I looked at Sweetie but she was still walking besides me, silently. "...Button."

I kept looking around and saw no pony trying to reach me. I just ignored it and continued to walked with Sweetie. When we arrived we quickly ran backstage we had 2 hours to prepare. Which we toke happily, we still couldn't get it correctly. Even though we could get the words, we couldn't time them to sound right. We were ready when it came to looks but not when it came to the actual singing we were a train wreck. At least were weren't first to go up. Yet it didn't help anything because that extra time flew by like a pegasus. Before we knew it we were up on stage and I was right, every pony I guessed was there. The one thing is that Princess Luna was next to Princess Twilight watching us. There was silence, all eyes were on us. With one last look at each other we began.

As we finished and looked back then they started to clap one after the other before we knew it the entire crowd clapping for us. We walked backstage then the next ponies went up.

"We did it Sweetie!" I said happily, I picked her up and swung her around. We were laughing and filled with joy. I set her back on the ground and she was still laughing.

"We did it, finally." She said still with a smile. "Well I guess we know the song now." She stated as the laughing died out between us. We looked at each other and that's when it happened. I just kissed her and she didn't resist, in fact she pushed into the kiss. It felt like it was just me and her in our own little world. We stayed like that for a bit,eyes closed just enjoying the surprising moment. I pulled away from the kiss and opened my eyes, she had deep red in her cheeks. I was holding her against myself and she was looking up at me. I let her go and she said. "I love you, Button."

"I love you too, Sweetie." I replied. Then we heard the mayor say that there was no more performances and she thanked Princess Luna and Twilight for coming and came back here.

"Well you two sounded amazing. Where did come up with that song?" She asked us when she came over.

Sweetie looked up at me and back to the mayor. "From the heart, I guess."

"Well good luck in the future Sweetie and you too of course Button." She said then left us be. We were walking out when Rarity, Princess Luna and Princess Twilight walked over to us blocking the way out.

"Well I guess there is a few rising stars in the mix." Princess Luna smiled.

"You two were great up there, you have a amazing gift the both of you. It's also good to see you back in Ponyville with us Button." Princess Twilight replied with a equally bright smile.

"It seems you were able to get the song in the end." Rarity told us pulling us into a hug. "Sweetie doe's this mean I can start now?" she whispered but I don't think Rarity realized how loud she said it. I could see Princess Luna and Twilight's eyebrows go up in a questioning look at us before exchanging glances.

"Nope." Sweetie replied looking smug and cute. Rarity just groaned at Sweetie's response.

"Start what Rarity?" Twilight asked.

"Sister's Oath, can't break it." Then Twilight groaned. I was holding back laughter.

"I will figure it Rarity one way or another." That's when I got worried. Twilight is determined so I wouldn't be surprise if she doe's try. Though I wonder why she would be interested, maybe she wants a challenge or wants to know everything like I always thought.

"Well again, good job you two and good luck in the future. Thank you for inviting me Twilight but I sadly must return to Canterlot." Princess Luna said to us.

"Thank you for coming Luna and have a safe trip." Twilight told Princess Luna then she flew away, into the night.

"Again, It's good to see you back Button and good luck in the future Sweetie." Twilight said then also left us. Then it was just us three.

"Why can't I Sweetie, its obvious that you two just kissed each other." Rarity said casually and I took a slight step back, stunned.

"Wh-What makes you think that." Sweetie said stuttering a little. I just simply nodded. Then Rarity smiled.

"Oh nothing, till now. In fact I had no idea, I was just pulling your leg. Then you two just did that and you stuttered, which you do when you lie. So now I know you just kissed each other." She smiled gleefully.

Sweetie just sighed in defeat. "Okay we did, go ahead."

"My sister has a coltfriend, my sister has coltfriend." She sang as she pranced around us in victory. When she finished she was still smiling as big of a smile she could. "Don't worry, I won't tell any pony Sweetie."

"I don't think you can call him that but thanks anyway sis." Sweetie thanked. Rarity ended up staying with us for a while but she went home to sleep. So it was just me and Sweetie lying in the grass waiting for dawn with a few others scattered about the field. "You know she's going to do that for a while, right?" She asked me.

"Pretty much." I replied with a sigh. Sweetie had her head on my shoulder again. We were watching the sky in a field waistcoat turned into a new day. Then Celestia started her flight into the sky with the sun in her musical grasp. The night slowly retreated as the sun flew into the sky spreading light across Equestria.

"It's beautiful isn't Button." Sweetie asked me.

"I've seen better." I told her. I felt her lift her head off my shoulder.

"What's more beautiful than watching the dawn come?" She sounded a little angry but that didn't scare me.

"The mare that's sitting next to me." I told her as I turned to her. Her blush returned and she smiled. She put her head back on my shoulder and we continued watching the sun. When the sun was fully in the sky and the show was over we left to her house. Before I left her at her house she told me to meet her here tomorrow. As I walked home I thought of the things that happened the past few days. 'I came back to my roots in Ponyville. I met old friends from when I was a little colt. I sang at the town celebration with my best friend. I fell in love with my best friend. I saved my best friend from a stupid colt. I kissed my best friend.' I must have had the biggest smile as I fell a sleep on the best day of my life.

Author's Note:

The story doesn't end here readers, in fact its only getting started for our two lovers. There is still a stallion that has found a new hatred for Button and Sweetie. Want to know want happens continue reading and cast your votes for who will win, Our hero Button or our enemy Sky.

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