• Published 20th Jul 2015
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Strangers - Nero Fenice

Button Mash and Sweetie Belle used to be the best of friends but years have torn them apart.

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The White Bell

Author's Note:

Just to make sure everyone knows this, the PMV/song takes place before this story and Button was in Las Pegasus during the song (at least in this story). Also I think that Sweetie actually wrote her part of the duet while Button was singing from the heart. See something wrong or something that can improve let me know in a separate message.

I woke up with a big crash on to my new floor. "That's going to bother me for a while." I groaned. I got up from my hard wood floor and put my blanket lazily back on my bed. I was about to walk out of my door when I remembered the page of music that I left on my nightstand. The page was mostly filled with lyrics but it had a few notes on it. I didn't really looked at it last night so I toke sometime to look over it now. Trying to see if there was actually a name on it like on the bottom or side but there wasn't anything of the such but I did find a intersecting lyric. Feels like you were just beside me. How did time go by so quickly? I sang in my head. I couldn't figure out what was the message behind this song was. it puzzled me as I walked out of the front door. I thought the song was pretty good just from this page alone, it was be amazing with the rest of the lyrics.

I looked around the street I lived on and it seemed like the day was going quite normal in Ponyville. I did have to ask around for directions to Rarity's shop but every pony was so nice and gave me directions. I'm glad that never changed around here. I was walking down the street when another interesting lyric popped into my head. And remember, I've been waiting ever sense this started aching. Now that was a interesting part of the song. What could that mean? I asked myself but no answer popped out to be the right one. I got what it was supposed to say, that they missed some pony but who and in what way? I haven't worked with Eclipse Records for a long time but I learned that most songs have a message hidden within the lyrics. Most the time you need to have the entiresong but this was easy with this page, the writer missed some pony deeply.

I continued to think about this for a while and didn't even notice that I was at Rarity's shop. What snapped me out of it was a feminine voice and a embarrassing smack into the door.

"Can I help you deary?" I look up from the ground which I was staring at and saw a familiar white mare, Rarity. She looked older but she looked nearly the same and its been nearly 13 years. Her coat was still as white as snow and her curly purple mane was tied back into a ponytail. Her purple eyes still looked at me with the same caring look she gave nearly everyone. To be honest, it relaxed me a little.

"Hello Rarity." I said to her. Her face lite up like lightbulb. She also started to jump up and down excitedly. I started laughing a little bit "How have you been?"

"Button! Oh my Celestia, your back!" She stopped jumping but still had a huge smile plastered across her face. "I've been good! Please come in deary." She told me. She went back in and I shortly followed her. The boutique hasn't changed much besides some new dresses obviously which surprised me a little. She took me to the house part of the building that she and Sweetie use to live in. I sat down at the table in their small kitchen and she went to the counter. "Tell me Button dear, how have you been in what, 12 years?"

"Its been 13 years Rarity but I wish that I could've got back sooner..." I corrected her. "but I've been good."

"Well the years don't matter. How was living in Las Pegasus? I hear that's where the stars live." She said bringing over a two cups of coffee. In Las Pegasus coffee basically became my fuel, sometimes working long nights or at midnight and coffee was the only thing keeping me awake through those hours.

"Yep that's where the movie ponies are but when you work for half of them they become a regular pony." I said casually, taking a sip of the coffee. Its true all of the singers and hit bands become a regular at the studios because your part of the reason they famous pop stars and hit bands.

"What do you mean Button?"

"I work for Eclipse Records, as a sound technician there." I answered. Then it felt like the beginning, she had a big smile and started to bounce in her chair.

"You have to get me in there." She said in her desperate tone of voice. I knew some pony would do that just not as soon as now but I did have a feeling that it would be Rarity.

"It doesn't work that way Rarity. I'm sorry..." Then comes her puppy eyes which was easy to resist, seeing as she used it so many times with me and Sweetie but what got me was the quivering lip. "Okay, okay the least I could do is keep you informed on weather or not sometimes pony is coming here." I sighed in ultimate defeat. Usually we are told if a artist is coming to the recording room so we can get ready ahead of time and for them. Her bright and happy smile returned.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you." She reached across the table and pulled me into a hug. Almost spilling both of the coffees in the process.

"Your welcome." I sighed again when she released me from her death hold. She may look gentle but she is strong.

"Off that topic. Why did you come back in the first place?" She asked sitting back down in her chair.

"Los Pegasus never really made me fell like I was home, so natural I urged my mother to have us move back but as luck would have it, we never had the funds to do so. Then I moved out and got a job and all that adult stuff, so I began saving up for the move. I had everything set in place and I was going to quit my job but they told me that they were building a new studio here so they can cover more area and find undiscovered stars." I said starting to breath again. "I volunteered to be the first technician to come here right then and there."

"Well you have your work cut out for you." Rarity smiled, confusing me.

"Why is that?" I asked

"There is a lot of talent around here."

"I guess your right." Then I heard a bell ring behind me and Rarity got up from her seat.

"Duty calls. Stay right here deary, I'll be right back." She said leaving for the front. I continued drinking the coffee and looking around the familiar room. I saw a picture on the wall that seemed to draw me to it but it was too far away for me to really make it out. I got curious and walked over there to see what the picture was, leaving the music page on the table. I studied it for a moment then remembered what it was, it was later that day of our sleepover...


We were dancing to music Rarity was playing for us. She was trying to get us to do a 'fancy dance' ... we did get it eventually.

"Can we stop now Rarity?" Sweetie groaned. At the time we've been dancing for maybe 2-3 hours. I remember my feet almost giving out from below me because of how long they've been moving the exact same way for the entire time. Its not like she had us going at one pace, no she had us doing it slowly, quickly, and sometimes at the normal pace but these were quick changes, at the snap of her hoofs we were at a different pace.

"Fine you two..." She sighed. "...go and play." We celebrated and played hide and seek till we fell asleep.


"You two were brilliant dancers you know." Rarity told me coming back in. "Even though you and Sweetie looked bored you two were happy."

"What makes you say that?" I let out a small laugh at her compliment.

"You never stopped." She replied.

"You never said we could."

"Yes I did, 7 times to be exact. " She smiled. "I guess you two liked it."

"Well, I guess we did."

"Now what's with these lyrics Button?"She asked me. I turned to her and she was holding up the page with her light blue magic. "I never knew you could write songs like this." I don't blame her for thinking I wrote the lyrics, I walked in with it and it had no name on it plus its been 13 years so in her mind I could have taken to music writing and/or singing.

"Those aren't my lyrics. I found it on the street flying through the wind. I thought it might be some pony's song." I told her.

"By some pony's you mean Sweetie's song and that's the reason for your visit today. Isn't it darling?" She pretty much found me out and I gave her a sheepish smile.

I sighed in defeat. "Yes that's the reason I came here but it was nice talking to you, I thought you might have moved to Canterlot to expand your business there and be with the nobles and upper class poines."

"I would like to expand music to Canterlot but I would trade here over there any time, I just have too many deep roots here that I don't think I could bring myself to permanently move away. Well anyway, it was nice catching up with you and seeing how you've been doing. Now Sweetie is out getting fabric for me if you want I can tell her you stopped by or you could wait here for her and help me out a little bit." She told me.

"Why not. Sir Button Mash at your service. " I said giving her a little bow. She laughed a little at my small formality. We worked on some designs, of course it was a hard job seeing I really know nothing about fashion design but Rarity helped me out as much I helped her. I also had to work as a male model because I'm a 'normal stallion' to Rarity. Her clothes were a little tight but I didn't complain, it didn't matter to me my old uniform was tighter s seeing we had to be 'presentable' to the big stars. She was making revisions to a suit (with my futile help) when I heard the bell ring. I thought it was another customer and continued working on the useless suit revisions. Then I was tackled from the side by some pony. I looked up and I saw a familiar white face of an old, old friend ... Sweetie Belle