• Published 20th Jul 2015
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Strangers - Nero Fenice

Button Mash and Sweetie Belle used to be the best of friends but years have torn them apart.

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Back at Ponyville

I'm back. I said in my head. It's been so many years since I've been in Ponyville. When I turned 18 I began planning to come back here, to come back home. Don't get me wrong I loved Los Pegasus, there was a lot of things to see and do but it didn't feel like home. At 21 I began to put things in place, I even got a few of my old friends to help me out with the move all the way across equestria. Then once I got here I just threw my stuff down and began to see what has changed in Ponyville. Nothing's really changed except for more houses and new faces but mostly it was just like I left it. I even saw Miss Cheerilee teaching at the same school. I even found out that she's married to another teacher cross town and has her own foal. I ran into a few of my old friends like Pip and Rumble. As I continued to rediscover Ponyville I heard news of what happened since I left like Twilight becoming a princess and has her own castle in Ponyville. How did I miss that? I asked myself. So many important things I missed in what 12-13 years. Wow.

"Button Mash?" Some pony asked. I turned around to see a bright yellow mare with a familiar red braid that was casted over her shoulder. I was able to see her cutie mark which was a white flower that I didn't recognize.

"Yes, what..." I looked at her more closely, studying her, trying to figure out who she was. I blinked my eyes "Apple Bloom?

"What are you doing back here?" She asked.

"I moved back."

"Wow! Look at you Button Mash. Your so tall and big." She smiled happily. I smiled back. Wow! Just look at her, it only seems that yesterday that she was only a filly and the same size as me. Now she looks so strong.

"Me? What about you! Your big and strong too."

"How have you been Button? It's been too long since I've last seen you."

"I know, it's been what? 12-13 years since I moved but neither the less, I've been great. I got a job a music studios as a sound technician in Los Pegasus."

"That's cool! Is that why your here?" She asked

"Yeah, their starting a studio here to cover Ponyville so I grabbed up this spot as soon as I could. What about you?" I responded. We started down one of the streets. We continued to talk about almost the simplest of things that I should've known if I stayed but it was cut short when she remembered about her own job with her own area of the Apple farm. So I was left to wonder the streets of Ponyville alone. Then...

"Watch out!" SLAM! I was dozy for a few seconds but I was able to shake it it off and helped the mare up. "Thanks mister. I'm sor... whoa, Button Mash!" She jumped back almost falling again.

"Yeah and no need to say sorry to me, it was my fault." Then I looked at her again after brushing myself off. "Scootaloo?" I swear I can't remember any of my best friends. Scootaloo still had her classic orange coat and purple mane but what caught my eye was her wings, they were big and muscular.

"Wow, looks like Big Mac has some competition. " She said looking me up and down. I may have gotten big and maybe stronger but not as strong as Big Mac. The last time I saw him he could lift apple carts with one hoof but then again it's been a long time so things might have changed.

"Will thanks but look at you, you have gotten bigger and your wings, they look amazing. " I complemented her. She blushed a little which was strange for her. I can't remember her ever really blushing before I left.

"Thanks Button. How have you been these past years? " She asked her blush quickly fading away.

"I've been good how about you?" Then she began to tell me what happened in the past years. Her sister, Rainbow Dash, became a Wonderbolt and herself is in the academy, training for the Wonderbolts. She has also started seeing Rumble and has even been proposed to. We stood there talking for a while, exchanging different news about each other. I lost track of the time and before we knew it the sun started to leave the sky and she had to leave for the academy.

I continued to walk around eventually began the walk to my own home. I was passing the main market place when a piece of paper landed on my face. I pulled it off and looked at it. It was part of a song. The lyrics were amazing, though it had no title or name. I kept and figured to ask around tomorrow, see if anyone lost it or knows anyone who did. The rest off the short trip was uneventfully but I continued to think of the music sheet that I put in my small satchel. "Apple Bloom? No,no, if she were to write a song it would be more country oriented." I continued thinking about when I got home and unpack my bag. "Scoots? No again, she would write a pop or rock song from the look of her."

I was in my bedroom when I found it. A picture of her, Sweetie Belle. "Sweetie Belle. She could've wrote it! She was always into music. Even written a few songs and sang at school plays and talent shows." I made a point as to find Sweetie tomorrow and ask and did a face hoof. The picture was when we were foals. We were looking straight at the camera, next to each other, smiling and she was waving.


"Smile for me you two!" A white unicorn said and both looked at her and smiled towards her. "Ok, thank you." she said and walked to a normal wood bench.

"C'mon Button let's go!" She told me with her sweet voice. I followed and we continued to play together throughout the park.


"That was a fun time I said to myself. which put a smile to my face. I remember us always having fun when we were together, no matter what the circumstances. I also remember the first time we had a sleep over and how much fun it was.


We were next to a fire pit. Laughing over a joke she made about her big sister, Rarity.

"Ha, ha, you two. Now lets calm down." She said but we continued to laugh. Next mourning Sweetie taped against the wall in her sleeping bag. She accused me at first but it turned out to be her sister, Rarity who was laughing in the next room.


We ended up laughing about in the end. "I hope she remembers me." I said out loud. I sighed happily, thinking of the times we shared and her. Her beautiful white coat, pink and purple mane always so curly. Her Light green eyes and calming, sweet and caring voice. "Tomorrow, Sweetie, I can see you again." Then I climbed into bed and ended my day full of hope.