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Spike is almost 1,000 years old and has had to live his life seeing everyone he loves die before him. Now, grown up and living alone in a cave, he attempts to remember these painful memories that he has tried to avoid for so long.

My first fanfic, any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated

Stay cool,

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Well.. That brought a tear to my eye.

I love it already. Poor Spike. :(

Not bad. Noticed a grammar mistake or two, but otherwise a pretty good start. Immortals (or even just beings with ridiculously long lifespans) having to deal with the loss of their mortal friends is a pretty hard subject to do right. Hope to see more, good luck!

It's okay...fairly well written, but you have way too many metaphors (try to keep it simple).

The story is a bit too sudden, not enough explanation of what's going on.

I like it, but the plot is a bit cloudy. Thumbs up to you, sir.

Heartache...dammit. Keep going dude,and don't stop til you've reached the end.

So sad :fluttercry:

Oh spike :moustache:

Call me cold hearted but it's been said and done. A thousand tales of this exact moment have been spun. I felt nothing going into this, and nothing now that I'm done.

Thanks you awesomes of awesome awesomeness. I appreciate the compliments and criticism and the next chapter should be here within the next 3 days.

MOAR Por Favor
This is good

That was so sad... :fluttercry:

Someone once told me, "never get old"

This... Just, so sad :raritycry:

Hai, joo guise. What's up. So here's chapter 3. Didn't write anything for days until I suddenly hit a creative burst and started writing like a madman. Oh, and by the way, the finsl product of this story will be 7 chapters long. Also, thank you so much for your feedback. That's what pushes me to continue writing this, so please don't hesitate to comment. Chapter four will be here when I feel like it. So adios, amigos.:rainbowkiss:

I should have cried really hard. But my body refused.
I wanted to cry really hard ;-;

Just rushed in from a club, got home, sat at my computer and read this.

liking it so far... Hope he's going back to ponyville sometime.:heart:

manly tears have been shed.... Kinda logic if you ask me. laughter itself dies... :fluttershbad:

nothing else needs to be said

Hey, my loyal worshippers! I mean... readers... yeah... Well sorry about the wait. It took me a bit to come up with an idea for this chapter. But I hope you enjoyed it! You guys have no idea how much your favorites, watches, and comments are appreciated, so I just wanna say thanks and keep 'em comin'.
In other news, my next fic is already in the works. Only info I'll give right now is that it's going to be another multi-chapter fic and the main character will be Shining Armor. So once again, thanks a million.

beautiful chapter. in the beginning it was a little annoying to keep on reading "spike" all the time, but it was good anyway!
keep up the good work!:heart:

706903 Thanks so much! And yeah, i have an issue sometimes deciding on the amount of pronouns I should put. But I'll definitely try to work on that. Also, unrelated Pinkamena:pinkiecrazy:

*manly tear*

:fluttercry: That was really sad... Made me cry :raritycry:

I'm crying so hard:raritycry: right now.

*ANNOUNCEMENT* Sup, bitches. So, my computer was screwed up beyond all repair a few months ago, and didnt have the funds to buy a new one till yesterday. Next chapter will be up in the next five days.

Shalt you update this anytime soon?

Gee... Thanks for using the flutters emoji on this chapter. Great job. Now I'm never gonna stop crying.

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