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When a new creature is forced from hiding, everypony wants to know everything about it. But as they dig, they find more questions. And as it turns out this creature is harboring a very dark, and distant past. Yet it has no clue. And like every past, there are locked doors.

Follow the journey as the Mane Six try to help it regain its memory and unlock some of those doors. Along the way, they soon discover this creature has a knack for particular profession. Why? Well, lets just say some doors that were locked should have probably stayed locked.

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Interesting start, I look forward to more

Reasonable characters would have managed to deescalate the situation by now.

These characters are all written too stupid to live, just for the sake of cheap conflict.

i just hope the main character doesn't have the emotional capability's of a doormat like 90% of the human in equestria fanfics do.
like seriously most storys he is incapable of anger of any type

Canterlot Voice initiate

Audio: 50000000000


too bad there are no spells to read thoughts....or enter dreams...

Recall from the previous chapter, magic didn't work on him. Not even Twilight's. :twilightoops:

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