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Merc the Jerk

Merc's fic guide: by Bookplayer: Is there kicking and/or punching? [Yes/No] Have you considered adding kicking and/or punching? [Yes/No] Have you considered adding more kicking and/or punching?

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Big expectations for this. Big expectations. Y'all will be fine.

Also: Camelot isn't closer?

It's nice to read a zombie story in Mlp for the first time, and for it to be good.

It is closer, but it'll be explained soon™

I'm sure there's been some others that are just as good if not better than my scribble, but hey, fingers crossed you keep liking it!

Applejack's thoughts about some tools seemed a little ooc for someone without that background of depression. No thoughts of using them for protection(against the possibility of not-kind survivors), few thoughts of trying to find answers(with great ambivalence), and for her to consider that option(even as a last resort) at that time when denial and shock is fresh to the system is a little far ooc imho. I doubt that if the loss of her family shook her up that bad, sticking around for Rarity wasn't something that was going to make her reconsider.

Of course, I don't know her history, all I know is what's given when dealing with "prefabricated" characters in something, so far, similarly set up as a modern world. It's possible this issue could manifest if she found her answers and didn't like them.

I think that for a person who lost both parents practically back to back in their developmental years, and has henceforth clung to family and made family very much the center of their lives... a very brief thought is not above the realm of possibilities, and not something that I see as OOC.

Then again, as much as we have tried to stick to the pony characterizations, we have developed and embellished things in their backgrounds to make them seem, well, human. I think a bit of OOCness is to be expected.

I do hope the whole squads ok but I’m not holding out a lot of hope. Really good story so far!!

I'm glad you're liking it, thanks for the comment!

Hell yes, Zombies, Last of Us flavourings, and Rarijack on top? I'm so in.

Welcome aboard. You'll see a lot of TLOU flavoring, it was a big inspiration for me writing a character focused story set at the endo f the world.

Starting to get a bit of Local 58 vibes from this too. Don't go outside. Don't look at the moon.

Definitely some Alan Wake vibes in there too. I'm seriously digging this. Now I wonder if the wait between chapters is going to kill me like it did with the Laughing Shadow. You've done this to me twice now, ya jerk.

For sure on the Alan Wake vibes. I really enjoyed the game and some of it leaked through. As for chapter updates, it'll be slightly more reliable on that front, as me and Sleep have written up to chapter 19 already

Updates are every Saturday, with the exception of when we get to the end of part 1/2/3. Merc and I are planning on taking little hiatuses at the end of each part. Probably gonna be like 3 weeks or so.

“I guess not,” the farmer admitted. “Nevermind.” After a beat, she added under her breath, “Dash woulda been excited ta see it. Woulda shot through that door, I bet.” Through, for the moment, with her complaining, she turned her attention back to her prize.

I see what you did there :trollestia:

No attempt to reply even if she kept it off to conserve power?

Oh shoot man, I'm terribly sorry, I thought I had replied to you a few days back but apparently I never hit 'post'.
She has a attempted a reply, and it's mentioned a bit in the next chapter, but, as to be expected, it never really was received.

You know, it recently occurred to me that the very first scene of this story only had jack and rarity. I was fearing the worst and thought spike and francis had been killed, but if that scene was on this journey then i'll know they're fine :twilightsmile: , unless the city gets overrun while the pair are away.:twilightoops:

Also, I've been curious as to why you changed the name of some of the characters in the first place.


unless the city gets overrun while the pair are away

Surely that wouldn't happen, right? :ajsmug:

Also, I've been curious as to why you changed the name of some of the characters in the first place.

Well, mainly to give them a more human feel, honestly. This is about as 'real world' as I like to make my Fanfiction, and, in fact, I was originally going to even have Camelot just be Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, but I decided to at least have a bit of leeway on that front and instead went with the more familiar

I'm curious as to how the map of the narrative is spread out with the inclusion of Oklahoma and 1-40.


I meant on where you had Camelot located in this world in relation to the 1-40 corridor. So I'm going guess you're from Little Rock? I'm from Fort Worth.

Nice, I'm actually more in the central Missouri area, but I wanted to set the opening in Arkansas in part due to Ozark territories having a lot of apple farms. And yeah, it was set more towards the capital of Arkansas, so Little Rock is right on the money.

The route itself is something along the lines of:
From Little Rock on the I-40 all the way to Tulsa, then hop up onto I-35 through Wichita, then follow the I-70 for pretty much the rest of the trip until Denver (Bower City). By then it'll be deep winter and you'll be in the mountains and following a road will be... difficult.

Not to mention surviving. :ajsmug:


I had almost expected something like Pecos, TX, to have been set as Appleosa, but Colorado is a better choice for the narrative with the added tension of man v. nature.


Plus its not 1,199 miles from Little Rock to Pecos, so the name wouldn't have fit.


Heh, Pecos was just an example of a small, desert town. It's y'all's story. I'm just commenting.

Phew, Im glad that they survived their encounter with that plantmonster, but where did it come from? Is it a mutated animal or of supernatural origin? Because it looks and behaves wildly different than those mutated humans Rarity and Jack encountered before, more intelligent and waiting for their prey to step into their trap, as opposed to the (near) senseless „hunting“ the mutated humans seem to do.
And I bet this is the moment where your version of „Iron“ Will comes into play, right? :ajsmug:

But one thing I think is a bit, well, thoughtless of Jack. I understand that she wants to make sure her siblings are alright and that she couldnt get ahold of Mac before, because tey were at Appaloosa when the outbreak happened, if I remember it right, and wouldnt she at least hope that Mac tries to get to Camelot as soon as possible? If she goes back again, what would be the chance that Mac and Alice arent allready at the Camelot, or at least close to it, and she went all the way back „unnecessarily“. I mean wouldnt Mac at least hear about the outbreak from the radio? She cares about her family, but wouldnt she at least assume that he tries to get there, or wants her to be safe?

Hot damn, I did not expect that ending.

Glad we could keep you on your toes

Second of all, how the hell did you manage to read my mind? I literally started reading this chapter and randomly thought that it would be kinda cool if Jack and Karl had something going.
Lastly, I love you for your amazing and captivating stories, but I despise you for leaving me without a smut scene that I so desperately needed after that build up
I am SOO looking forward to the next update!!

Exciting story you have here. Am appreciative of the updates! :ajsmug:

Thank you kindly, always nice hearing from people on it

Any chance this story will be continued?

Sooner or later yeah, been busy with some other stuff tbh

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