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I'm a writer. I write books, fanfics, short stories, and poems. Writing is my life, my fuel, my very being. Without it I would be nothing.


Princess Mi Amore Cadenza aka Cadence wasn't always the bride of Shining Armour or the ruler of the Crystal Empire. In fact she was once a normal pegasus living with her family. Until one day she is traumatically ripped apart from them and taken to the royal palace. There she is adopted by the Princess Celestia herself, who will help her discover her true self.

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Ummm... I mean no criticism of the writing style etc. But you are touching on a subject just cannon enough to have nitpickers prey on it, yet vauge enough in that cannon to draw people in. In the book "The Crystal Heart Spell" Cadence meets Celestia after saving her village from a very mean pony then entering the realm where Twilight would eventually ascend to alicorn hood in the show. Good job at having her a pegasus prior to her assention, that's actualy what she was in cannon. All I'm saying is that you may need to add the alternate universe tag to avoid flack.

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