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I like turtles


After a series of unforeseen circumstances Pvt.Pinkie is lost deep within zebra territory. It is up to the rest of the elements of harmony to take on the daring task of entering deep into enemy territory in order to save their friend and ally Pinkie Pie. But as internal conflicts increase within the group will they be able to save Pvt.Pinkie and unite the elements of harmony before they destroy themselves?

Chapters (1)
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Saving Pvt. Ryan based fic? Added to read later.

754857 Sorry for bringing your hopes up, but this is (VERY) loosely based on the movie.

:flutterrage: WHERES CHAPTER TWO?!

:twilightoops: Er, Maybe yelling won't help. Any idea when Chapter 2 will be posted?

"This is Alpha Squad, WE NEED BACKUP, OVER!"
"Alright, We're sending Bravo Squad, ETA -"
The radio was then cut off. :pinkiegasp:
 Alpha = One / Bravo = Two / Squad = Chapter

Judging by the rate at which it took me to write this, I'd say I have no idea.

Hmm might add this to my read later list...
I never seen the movie though... Is it any good?

Two words, Tom Hanks that should give you an idea about how good the movie is.


Really? I remember hearing from someone that at the end someone shoots a tank with a M1911... And it explodes :derpyderp2:


Wow... I just love any WW2 movie and this seems like a good one.


Holy smokes, wtf are you doing, watch it tonight

............its like saying you love Mafia movies when you've never seen Goodfellas..............

755450 he shoots it at the same time an airstrips happens. Don't worry, he's briefly confused as well

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