• Published 30th May 2015
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Equestria's Ginyu Force - Theyellowninja13

A group of friends go to a Comic con, dressed up like the Ginyu Force from Dragonball Z. There, they meet a merchant that sells them Ginyu Force medallions. When they buy them, they get sent to Equestria. Now they've broken out of their stone prison

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Ponies in Danger

We quickly flew out of the castle, and eventually left Canterlot all together. As we were flying to our destination, I heard one of my team speak up. "Hey Captain?! Where we heading to?"

I mentally sigh, remembering a time when Jeice wasn't like that. A time before we got our powers, and was sent to this world.

"Come on guys! I want to see what kinds of items they have!" Jeice exclaimed. I don't remember his name, and can barely remember what he looked like without the costume.

"Don't worry, the convention doesn't close for a few hours." I reassure my friend. We were walking through the building, heading to the room where the convention is mostly taking place.

"Ya, you shouldn't worry too much." Recoome responded, and we finally entered the room, only to be in shock of all the people there.

"Whoa! There must be a thousand people in here!" Guldo exclaimed. As I tried to close my jaw, I nodded in agreement with Guldo.

"Well come on guys! There must be all kinds of cool things to buy!" Burter yelled as he ran forward to go buy some stuff. This was the first convention we have ever been to. After Burter disappeared, the others all split up, leaving me on my own.

I chuckled at my friends' silliness, before walking forward, and checking out some of the items. From time to time, someone would ask for my picture from how good my costume is. Eventually, we all met up again a few hours later, and we were about to leave, before we found an interesting stall. The merchant looked like the salesman from the Pokemon anime.

As we were looking at his wares, he noticed all the interesting things he had. He had a complete set of Earth Dragon balls, complete replicas of all of Goku's fighting suits, a set of all kinds of Pokeballs, a Pokedex from each region, both of the swords that Gohan and Trunks used, and much more items from different animes. But the items that stood out the most were the Ginyu Force medallions.

"I see you noticed some of my wares." The merchant said, snapping me out of my staring at the medallions.

I coughed into my gloved hand, before asking. "How much for the Ginyu Force medallions?"

The merchant looked over my friends and I, before responding. "About five dollars each." My eyes widen, and I quickly pull out my wallet, handing him 25 dollars, and receiving the five badges for each of my friends.

"Thank you." I respond to the merchant, before turning around, and giving each of my friends a badge. "Check it out guys." I held out the badge I decided to keep. "The craftsmanship on these things is amazing." Suddenly, everything went white.

We later woke up in the middle of the Everfree forest, and as the Ginyu Force members we dressed up as. Eventually, while testing out our powers, we came across a young foal who was left without her parents. We raised her (and named her after the g1 pony who she resembled), and she lived with us in a base we made using a capsule corp capsule we found. And because of our appearance, and the accidental destruction of a town, we were forced to live in the forest, always being chased by the two princesses and the ponies.

At one point, we found an ancient decayed room deep within the Everfree. While searching through it, we noticed it looked destroyed, and the other things readable in it were a sign saying; Property of Co Sm Ic, which we had no idea what to think of, and a book talking about a group of people called Displaced. Eventually, after reading through it, we realized that we were Displaced, and decided to make a 'token' to help out anyone else who might of been Displaced. The token was the Ginyu Force symbol, the same kind we got from the 'Merchant.'

I think the saying on it went something like this;

We are the Ginyu Force

Yeah, and we'll help those who need it!

So if you ever need help

Just hold the token and call for us

And we'll show your enemies the true meaning of Tokusentai!

But if you ever try to get us to do evil, you better run, or you'll feel the full force of the...


I snap out of my thoughts and memories, to answer Jeice. "We're heading to our base. Who knows what kind of condition it would be in after a thousand years of neglect." When we got above the forest, we landed, just to make sure that any ponies watching wouldn't know the exact location of our base.

After about a minute of walking, Recoome spoke up. "I don't know Captain, this forest feels different than it did before." The others murmured agreement, and before I could respond, we heard a loud scream coming from up ahead. We started running, until we came to the edge of a clearing, where we saw a grey pony with a blonde mane, and weird eyes slowly back up from a bunch of wooden wolves.

"We got to help her!" Guldo exclaimed, and we all agreed, and charged out, blasting each of the Timberwolves into dust with ki blasts, knowing from experience that the Timberwolves might form back together if we leave them parts to form together from.

Once all the Timberwolves were defeated, I ran over to the pony. Well, it wasn't running necessarily, because it would have looked to anyone else that I just appeared in front of her, with only a few cartoonish lines to show my 'teleportation.' But, once I got a good look at the pony, I realized that it was none other than Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo. Her wing was bent in a direction it shouldn't be pointing it, and her body was covered in bruises. But what surprised me was that her eyes, while still 'derpy,' didn't show a bit of fear, meaning she doesn't think I'll harm her.

Giving a small smile, I bent down, and placed one hand on her 'shoulder,' and spoke calming words as I tried to set her wing back to normal. "It's going to be okay. I don't want to hurt you." She nodded, and with a loud crack, I pulled her wing back into a more correct position, and then sent some of my own energy into her, healing her wounds, and fixing the wing. Patting her on the shoulder, I spoke again. "There, good as new. But let me take you to the closest town, as your body should still take a while to fully heal."

She nodded, and I gently picked her up, before placing my fingers against my head, and used Instant Transmission to place her on the edge of Ponyville. As I moved my fingers to 'teleport' back to my friends, Derpy stopped me with a basket of muffins that magically appeared. Smiling, I took the muffins, and without another word, used Instant Transmission to get back to my friends.

When I got back to the forest, we started walking again, and I went back into my thoughts, remembering the times shortly after we came to this world, and tried to learn the abilities of our characters. But, when trying to learn how to use some of the Z-fighters' abilities, we found them much harder to learn. Except Instant Transmission and the Kamehameha. Those are some of the easiest to do. Probably because everyone could do them. Cell could. Majin Buu could. But the easiest to do were our bodies usual energy attacks. I chuckled at the memories of us learning how to do our attacks. It was mostly the cause of why most ponies hated us.

"You got this Recoome!" Burter called out to our friend, as he stood before us, facing a mountain in the distance.

"Yeah yeah." He said with a wave of his hand, but we could tell he was getting nervous. He looked back at the mountain, before starting the poses, and shouting. "Recoome... Eraser Gun!" A large red beam came out of his mouth, and shot towards the distance. Now, at this time, we have been practicing how to use basic energy attacks. Just throwing small balls of energy at obstacles. But, we decided to try and use our more powerful special attacks, which the knowledge of how to use seemed to be imprinted in each of our brains. But, we all stared at the giant beam, shocked, as it not only destroyed the mountain, but the city several thousand miles behind the mountain.

"Oops." Was all Recoome said, as we realized our existence on this planet might finally be figured out, and we'll be hunted.

"Get back here monsters!" Yelled the giant white magic alicorn, as we ran from her, and a gathering of several thousand royal guards.

"Nope!" I yelled back, as we hurriedly ran from the ponies. Now, you may be asking, 'why didn't we fly?' or 'why didn't we use our weirdly fast speeds?' Well... we forgot about that stuff.

The princess was starting to catch up now, and we weren't making any progress. But finally, someone came up with an idea. "Guys! I'm gonna try something!" Guldo yelled, and when we turned our heads, that Guldo stopped in front of the currently furious Princess, before yelling, and freezing not only freezing Celestia in time, but the entire group of royal guards. Once he did it though, we remembered about our powers, and we booked it out of there at super sonic speeds.

"What the crap is that thing!" Jeice exclaimed, as we all jumped out of the way of a giant purple paw.

"It looks like a constellation." Burter yelled back, as he flew up, and through several ki blasts in its face.

"It looks similar to the constellation Ursa Major!" Guldo yelled, as he stopped time around the Ursa Major, before it completely broke free of the time stasis field as if it was nothing.

I quickly flew a good distance away from the giant space bear destroying the forest near our impromptu base. When I was a sufficient distance away, I pulled both my hands behind me, and charged a good amount of ki in between my hands, before pushing it forward in a powerful blast. "KAMEHAMEHA!!!" The blast collided with the Ursa's face, and the Ursa just shrugged it off. I flew back to my team, before speaking. "My attack barely did anything. Does anyone know any stronger ki attacks we can use?"

"I got one!" Jeice exclaimed. He looked to Burter, and they both nodded a second later before flying up, and away from each other. They then covered their bodies in energy, before flying at each other, and circling around each other fast enough to create a purple vortex. Then, several blasts of energy came out at high speeds, driving the Ursa Major back.

After a full minute of constant barrage, the Ursa gave up on making us food, before running away. Burter and Jeice landed, and we all high-fived each other.

"Guards! Come quickly! We've found them!" We heard the voice of Celestia in the distance, and started running through the forest.

We continue running for a few more minutes, before we heard a loud yell, and an even louder roar. We got past the trees in time to see a zebra running from a giant T-rex. "Oh yeah, I forgot that those exist here." I said out loud. Then, I burst out of the trees, flying up to the T-rex's face, before delivering a powerful punch to it's face, dazing it, before kicking it out into the distance. "Gotta love how dinosaurs are weaker than you expect." I quickly flew down, and landed next to the zebra. 'Zecora?'

The zebra looked up at me, before smiling. "I must thank you, I was gathering up ingredients for my stew. Then the monster tried to make a meal out of me. And because of you, it'll see that it should leave this area be."

"No problem miss." I said with a smile on my face. "I would never be able to turn down a cry for help."

"Now, I hope you don't mind, but could you tell me what is your kind?" Zecora asked out of curiosity. But when she did, my face fell.

"I... I don't know." I spoke solemnly. But then I perked up again, and responded. "But my name is Captain Ginyu, and I can the captain of the esteemed Ginyu Force!" And right as I said that, we all posed at once.

Zecora giggled a bit, before responding. "Well, a captain you are, I can see." She looked up at the setting sun, before her eyes widened. "Excuse me, but I must leave, for I must get back to my house for my herbal tea." She then started galloping back to her hut without another word.

"What a weird little zebra." Recoome stated.

"Yeah, she kept on rhyming when she spoke. What's with that? Who speaks and rhymes while doing it?" Jeice added.

I sighed, before walking again. "Maybe it's just her culture or a curse or something. Now let's continue to our base."

"Well, we're here." I said, once I noticed that we arrived at the secret entrance to our base. It looked like a normal side of a small mountain, but when I walked forward, and put my hand on a hidden scanner on the rock wall, the rocks glowed faintly for a second, before some of the rocks disappeared, and we entered our base, before closing the wall again, in case the ponies try and find us.

"Aw jeeze, just look at all these webs! I'm gonna get dust in my hair!" Jeice exclaimed as he coughed into a small tissue or something.

Burter chuckled, before responding. "Hey, at least you got hair." We all started laughing at that, as we continued walking. Eventually, after passing through the very thick layers of spider webs, we arrived at the blast proof wall that leads into our actual base.

After much hard work, we got the door to open, to see that the entire interior of our base was covered in dust and spider webs. Sighing, I flicked on the light switch next to the door, to see the lights slowly flicker on, and the power to be restored to the entire structure. Which was stupid to do, because the entire place is covered in a thousand year dust, and I just activated the fans, which blew the centuries of dust into our faces.

By the time I wiped the dust off and could see again, I noticed the entire base was somehow no longer covered in dust and spider webs, and now just looks somewhat destroyed. Some of the couches are torn open, one table is flipped over, and the kitchen is completely empty. "Check it out guys!" Jeice exclaimed, and we ran over to him, to see that our stash of chocolate bars was still closed, and should be full of well preserved chocolatey goodness. But when we opened it, we all burst out crying. There was no chocolate.

Next time on Equestria's Ginyu Force

When the Princesses send the Elements of Harmony to stop the Ginyu Force, can our heroes convince the ponies of the truth? And what is going to happen to Recoome! Join us next time on Dragonball Z! Equestria's Ginyu Force!

Author's Note:

Zecora is really hard to write. So sorry if I got her wrong. Also, PM me for any crossovers. Hope you enjoy the chapter.