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One normal day Twilight Sparkle was studying with her books to find a transportation spell to a land, where she could learn something about friendship. Twilight casted it to find herself somewhere, where the citizens of the land were walking with two legs like Spike...

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I love these little bastards! Hell; I haven't even read the story and you're already getting a like from me.





Well, you've got a ton of grammatical and spelling errors. The plot could be a titch more original in terms of how Twilight gets from point A to point B as well. Even so, you get a huge plus for making a crossover that I never, ever saw coming. There's so, so much potential here. I'd recommend getting a hold on an editor to help you with the mistakes that you made. There's many here on the site that are willing to pretty much help anyone.

594613 I've got one, but i did this with my school computer, so i didn't have time :applejackunsure:
But thanks from your comment. I'll be sure to fix the errors and edit the plot, when i have the change :pinkiehappy:


I wrote a Moomins crossover here too that I removed last year.

That's a crossover I never expected to see.
I'll have to give this a read later.

Jööses, muumeja ja poneja! Pitääpä ehdottomasti lukea.

1667602 Päivittää ajattelin, niin älä luovuta toivost, et tää valmistuis :3

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