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I am 17 years old, a long time user on Fimfiction.net, and will accept any and all help from anyone on this site. I LOVE the DW&A radio drama, and any stories that are based off them!!


This story is a sequel to Discord's Tooth

The Doctor is acting strangely. He doesn't feel like getting out of the TARDIS when we land in Ponyville in the past, where the Cutie Pox outbreak is first recorded, and he starts to tear up whenever I try to comfort him. But, when I leave, the Doctor runs about like the Headless Horse, trying to fix a problem he caused long ago. Can he do it, or will it take a certain assistant and a newfound unicorn friend with a special talent to help him confront his mistake? Found out in this sequel to "Discord's Tooth."

*Special guest OC(s), Literary Serenity, Ponyess, and Gizmo Gear!*

*UPDATE* Twilight was added because she makes a short appearance in a flashback, so I had to add her to the story. Sorry, Twi!!!

Cover Art thanks to https://www.fimfiction.net/user/Sipioc

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 12 )

Huh. I wonder why the Doctor wanted to avoid this event so much… Interesting

Well, from the way the Doctor explained what happened during his past encounter with Cutie Pox, it actually too far-fetched that he wouldn’t want to encounter the illness again. I’m a little curious why his companion doesn’t ask him about that, or did he already know about that incident?

5782074 No, he didn't know. The Doctor, as I said, "pushed me out the door right as I was finishing the vial."

By the way, he has never experienced the Cutie Pox, only the CHICKEN Pox, so that's why he was a little hesitant to join Brightly on his trip outside.:twilightsmile::scootangel:

Shine BRIGHTLY, my friends!!
-Brightly Litt

Huh. Twilight and the Doctor truly got into some weird (though fun) situations together. It makes me want to read a story focused on their explorations (hint, hint)! ^_^ Baby Twilight sounds so cute, although this version of the Cutie Pox seems even harsher than the original. By that, I mean that when Applebloom got it during the show, the implication seemed to be that it would cause ponies to have to carry out a variety of different talents, rather than affecting their mentality or development. Hmm. Interesting.

5835294 Well, I DID make the tag for this story 'RANDOM', and that's where I decided to take it.

As for the adventures of Twilight and the Doctor, I can't come up with anything right now, my brain is too fried from all the work done on my first two stories (haha), but, maybe, you could look up Doctor Whooves Adventures by SqueakAnon on Youtube if you want to know more about that side of their story, considering I'm upsetting people with my constant bad sentence structure and poor choice of words:fluttershysad:.

But anyway, I agree it may be A LITTLE harsh, but at least you got a few laughs, right? I'm staying true to it, though, you see, she won't stay like that for about two more paragraphs, wherin she gains a new cutie mark, which will be bad or funny, depending on how far you take it.

I'll see what I can do about the harshness, though, and I'll start on the next two chapters, which one of them will introduce. . .wait for it. . .YOU!!!!! Get ready for a great story ahead!!! Bye.:twilightsmile:

-Brightly Litt

5835424 I can definitely understand what it's like to feel worn out when writing various stories, or simply needing to take a break once in a while to prepare to continue creating. ^_^ You're getting better all the time by simply practicing, though, and stretching your imagination by playing around with different possibilities. Although, it is also neat to know there are ways to enjoy different sides of the story you're telling (such as listening to the Youtube-posted tales with Twilight and Dr. Whooves).

Oh, yes. I definitely did get some laughs out of the latest chapter! The thought of baby Twilight was adorable, and then there was the book fort (which made me think of all the fan art that has her in just such a situation. Hah.).

I look forward to reading more! ;3

well that lil jerk........doc, doc, doc......


7101674 Don't you worry, the Doctor will get what's coming to him later. :rainbowkiss:

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