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I am 17 years old, a long time user on Fimfiction.net, and will accept any and all help from anyone on this site. I LOVE the DW&A radio drama, and any stories that are based off them!!

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This story is a sequel to Discord's Tooth

The Doctor is acting strangely. He doesn't feel like getting out of the TARDIS when we land in Ponyville in the past, where the Cutie Pox outbreak is first recorded, and he starts to tear up whenever I try to comfort him. But, when I leave, the Doctor runs about like the Headless Horse, trying to fix a problem he caused long ago. Can he do it, or will it take a certain assistant and a newfound unicorn friend with a special talent to help him confront his mistake? Found out in this sequel to "Discord's Tooth."

*Special guest OC(s), Literary Serenity, Ponyess, and Gizmo Gear!*

*UPDATE* Twilight was added because she makes a short appearance in a flashback, so I had to add her to the story. Sorry, Twi!!!

Cover Art thanks to https://www.fimfiction.net/user/Sipioc

Chapters (4)

Discord's tooth, unknown to anypony, except for Fluttershy, has it's own chaotic powers, and it's gone! Princess Twilight, with a newly learned locator spell, believes she has found it, lost somewhere in time, and they have no way of getting it! Twilight then remembers that she knows two ponies who were perfect for the job, one madpony with a box and his companion, me, Brightly Litt. Twilight finds me, the only pony that can contact the Doctor and save the past and future from utter chaos and destuction. . .AGAIN. Follow along as me and the Time-pony travel back in time, only to find the tooth in the possession of a very screwy pony, Screwball.
(Perverted Bronies beware! Misleading content. DO NOT take inappropriately! [I did not realize the assumptions of perverted material in this story!])

Rated 'RANDOM' for Doctor Whooves moments! For your enjoyment!!:raritywink:

Chapters (9)
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