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Hello! I'm a teenage crossover writer. I love to think about what would happen if one of my favorite shows collided with MLP.



Sam and Dean Winchester, along with Bobby Singer and the angel, Castiel escape into a tunnel that transfers them to the world of Equestria. Things are odd at first. Everyone is so different from what they're used to.
Once they start to fit in, even Derpy Hooves would be able to see that something sinister was happening. The four newcomers to Equestria and the mane six are summoned by Celestia and Luna. They hire all 10 of them to hunt down whatever is raising hell in the world of ponies.
The mane 6 soon find out, the 4 ponies who just came into their lives are not what they seem. And the world of Equestria has many dark entities that are now rearing their heads more often.

Supernatural Ponies will be a trilogy.

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I have a friend who likes Supernatural... I'm so going to show her this!
This really made me laugh!
Woo! I'm tracking this!
Great job! :pinkiehappy:

I love this! Keep on going it is great! I've been looking for a mlp/supernatural crossover and this is perfect! PIE!!!:pinkiehappy:

Oh wow. This is great! :rainbowlaugh: I laughed so much when Sam was waking Dean and Bobby up!

Yay! New chapter! Is getting better by the second! :pinkiehappy:

Yes yes yes! The suspense! Awsome! more more more!:pinkiehappy:

Woopwoop. I do not watch Supernatural and therefore have not much clue what is going on but the internet and nerdy friends have supplied me with enough information to say that ERMEGERSH THIS IS BRILLIANT!

Seems a bit rushed. Slow down the pace my friend and you're good.

This past chapter isn't my favorite. I personally think I should refrain from allowing my mind to lead me in a chapter:twilightsheepish:

Oooooh Dang! Shit's goin' dooooown!

I hope no one's forgotten about Castiel, Bobby, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rarity.:rainbowderp: might be your face right now. Anyway, we're getting close to the end of the first installment in the Supernatural Ponies Trilogy. Again, I hope NO ONE'S FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE OTHER FIVE MAIN CHARACTERS.

Wooooah! Nicely done! Teleporting to the mayor. Wouldn't have thought of that!

Hahaa, pregnancy joke :trollestia:

*sees Bobby*

I can't believe I added the 'senpai'.

Sorry this past chapter was so short:twilightsheepish:. I was struggling to meet the deadline, and just decided to split this chapter up into two pieces. The next chapter should be out today or tomorrow.:twilightsmile:

Oh dang. Oh DANG! DANG, SON! CARRY ON MY DANGWARD SON! I'm not sorry at all.
That was some intense writing right there!
I'd never thought I'd see the day where Rarity had to chop not one but two ponies' heads off! Well, I suppose they weren't ponies but none the less. Much fight scene, such wow,!

6184413 If my dad was a brony and he was reading this, he'd say "Decapitation. The story just got better.".

5971230 sorry about the late response. Thanks for the constructive criticism. I appreciate it!

Oh. Oh wow. That's a slap in the face. Poor Pinkie.

I think it's pretty dang good improv writing.
This is, in my own opinion, a bit better than last chapter... but don't take my word for truth. Just opinion.

6220432 I'm glad you like it! It doesn't really matter if I like the chapters. As long as the people reading enjoy them, I've done what I set out to do.

For any newcomers to this story.
I went back over my story today for a little fun. See how the story is in the eyes of the reader. I realized that in the first few chapters, there are quite a few mistakes I made when I was typing. I then developed a plan. I won't reveal it yet. It's waaaaaay too early. Just know, that I know about them.

WTF... WARD?!?!?!

5977543 I cannot say enough about how muchi agree with both of these comments

YOU KINDA DOUBLED YOUR DASHIES IN PARAGRAPH 3 :rainbowderp: :heart: :facehoof:

The train ride was almost painful for Applejack,

Rainbow Dash,

and Pinkie Pie. A.J. and


were curious to see what they were up against, and Pinkie Pie has never Baltimare before. It was slow, and Rainbow Dash was highly considering just jumping out of the train and flying to their destination, but eventually, everpony arrived at Baltimare by 6:00 the morning after the little talk between hunters and princesses.



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19/20 :moustache: s

:pinkiehappy: :yay: :heart:
POOR FLUTTERS...:applecry: :fluttershyouch: :fluttershysad:

6344816 Oh shit! I did! I'll fix that.

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Idea: great.
Characters: Good.
Come on. No description no body language no facial expression. In my head this looks like 4 guys sitting normally in a car looking out bored and suddenly start to screamo everything they say with out any good reason. And only on a white background non the less.
Show don't tell.
Well I keep reading in the hope this will grow over the level of a chat protocol

Dean hesitantly drove of the rail, and into the tunnel where, upon entering, were met with a light similar to the one angels use to kill. Soon, the group came to a stop in a strange new place. After recovering from the blinding light, everyone was met with an odd change.



"Why is there an anti-possession tattoo on my ass? Why are there two on my ass? Why the hell do I have stylish hair comin' outta my ass?!"



"We're ponies."


"Ummm . . . can I help you?!" Asked a purple mare who just had a Chevy Impala crash through her Library.



"Where the hell are we?!"

that was the perfect way to start this story.

This is oddly entertaining, I'm a spn fan, and while that 1st chapter was a bit rough I shall continue reading this.

I'm curious, what season of spn are you pulling the characters from? Seasons 4-7 would be viable here as Cass and Bobby are involved.

The video broke, ah darn, I might have gotten the reference if it wasn't broke.

I don't think I have seen Dean so excited except for when he gets to use the grenade launcher

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