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I write gud stories

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I've got to remember to say something manly whenever I pet my neighbor's cat; he is a male after all. It's on you for thinking you could get the upperhand on an equine of any sort from behind.

The first thought that came to your mind when you came here was ‘Can I pet that?’

Finally a second person HiE I can relate to.

This was pretty great until around the end. Asking where his owner was? I know shock is a thing, but no one, shock or not, would ask something like that when the pony they are currently talking to happens to be, well, a pony. Not only that, but it kills my suspension of disbelief to think that Big Mac would willingly try to kill anyone, angry or not. The end scene (just like the beginning) was heart melting adorable, but the part that led to that was so forced that it kind of took away some of the enjoyment I otherwise would have had, since it felt like the only reason the part at the end happened was due to an idiot ball being given to the main character and Big Mac.

Still, a good read. I'm surprised it took so long for a fic like this to appear, to be honest.

5783407 I appreciate the feedback. I've been hoping someone would tell me how to improve:pinkiehappy:

I shall go cuddle the cat.

I wouldn't cuddle a horse or a pony. They are smelly.

Ok. I will. Also try my other story- choices for a better life

The beginning was cute, but the human landing in the hospital was forced (not to mention a really tired cliche).

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