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This is a short story with an indirect cross fiction of the Call of Duty Zombie games. (Cover art: John Josco)

When a meteor strikes Ponyville, Spike must protect Rarity and the Cutie Mark Crusaders from the onslaught around them. What do you do when the fate of the world rests in your claws.

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I can't wait to see the other ones.

Automaticlly play the zombie background songs while reading. A THOUSUAND ZOMBIES ONE SPIKE YEAH THAT SEEMS FAIR.

Nice diss about the Twilight Saga lmao XD

Dude I was playing Beauty of Annihilation when Rarity sang that last line. :twilightoops: Creepy.

Nice comedy, many references to L4D and others.Could be better but its still funny:pinkiehappy:.

I... well, um... it wasn't bad. It wasn't great either. There was a multitude of grammatical and spelling errors, like "their" instead of "they're", etc. And the plot seemed kind of forced, too... Some of the characters were acting strangely at times... but aside from that, it was okay.

This was awesome. Pinkie was Sam obviously. I would thought it would be funny if they raided the fridge and got some sarsaparilla and it acted like juggernog on them. I did like the reference in the second chapter to the opening sequence of call of the dead. It was awesome. You sir, win all my cupcakes

Thank you. I am glad that everyone likes the story so far. Critique is always welcome with me and I was hoping that other eyes might be able to point out some of the flaws. so feel free to point them out and I will do what I can to correct what I can find.

I tried to keep the characters "in character" as much as i could but every story teller tells storys their own way. it was probibly some of my own personality sneeking in there.

scootaloo was "Tank" Dempsey :twilightsmile:

I think this chapter should go into a little bit of a slight revision, maybe making the chapter a little longer and going into detail on what happened in ponyville, such as the transformation of the Zombie Ponies and maybe an explanation on where the meteor came from?

Maybe something like Celestia or Luna predicting something (legend/myth/prophecy.)

I like the references to Call of the Dead and 300.

Also, you didn't explain how the Zombies are affected by the water. Do their bodies melt or do they explode?

I know the CMC make good carpenter

115 Elements and CotD reference. Niiiice...

Watch out guys there is pinkie Samantha maxis pie badflank over here ;)

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