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Equin Tour Guide

Stories from your favorite planet, Equus. A collaboration.


Growing weary of the dull life of a royal in Canterlot (and after getting into an embarrassing situation with the paparazzi), Luna finds herself in need of something more in life. When that something just so happens to come true in the form of her very own ship, Luna gathers a crew and strikes out to see the world!

A collaboration by Flintlock Spark, Salted Pingas, Grand Inquisitor, Sunny Pack, Warren Peace, NightmareKnight, Krafty, and JumpingShinyFrogs.

Cover Art by Salted Pingas

Chapters (1)
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Hey, everyone has different opinions. I've heard others say it this way, but I say it the other way.

5656090 Actually, Pinkie refers to the planet as earth in the Hearths Warming episode.:pinkiehappy:


I liked this. :heart:

Shiver my timber
Shiver my hooves.
Yo ho heave ho.

A Lunar Princess with
A ship to prove.
Yo ho heave ho.

(I will hopefully add more each chapter. Make it a song.)

And now it's dead :ajsleepy:


the king and his men stole the queen from her bed.
and bound her in her bones, the sea’s be ours and by the powers,
where we will, we’ll roam.
Yo ho all hands, hoist the colors high,
heave ho thieves and beggars, never shall we die,
yo ho haul together, hoist the colors high,
heave ho thieves and beggars, NEVER SHALL WE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord Nightflight! They've started to sing, sir.

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