• Published 10th Dec 2014
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Eternal Lust - Admiral Q Ponyform

Rainbow Dash was in a nightclub in Fillydelphia but woke up in the hands of Changelings

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so were is the last ending?

probably not forever someone will find them.... eventually

6451691 nope. Chryssy hid her hive well

6451724 i didn't say how long it would take could be a few days or a few millennia

6451749 but can't you just imagine them being uncovered in an archaeological dig site in a few thousand years just think about that put the image in your head

6451776 the hive is in a place noone has any interest in. It's a desert wasteland. Chances of discovery are nil

6451791 you just can't let me have my fun also a few thousand years is a lot of time for that to change

6451803 even if and that's a big IF they were discovered. they would be put in a museum.

6451812 and then someone would steal them and get them out and then they would finally get to cum

6451821 noone knows there's ponies in it. just some weird artifact

6451829 they'd break it open by accident

6451832 nope it was made out of very hard stuff

6451910 they be dead from that. Unless they have changeling magic nothing will opened with them still alive.

6451957 that would lead to the first bonus chapter.

6451995 good point well i'm out ideas though you do have to admit it would be an interesting story wink wink nudge nudge

6452027 there is one more ending planned. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Another story is working on a displace pony.

6452056 no i'm saying make the second ending its own story with this idea it has so much potential i would do it my self but i suck at writing

7658112 have one more chapter planned. just haven't gotten around to it yet.

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