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When Twilight Sparkle flies downstairs to eat her normal breakfast things become a little less normal as she somehow enchants her loaf of bread after falling asleep at the table.

This is the story of one slice of bread destined to cross her kitchen counter to become toast...

He is bread...

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 24 )

5550309 What was the best part? I really knead your input!

6000119 Spread the word like jam!

Awesome, well done:pinkiehappy:

Awesome story!
I love it!
Especially when Twilight said:

Kneads a little improvement


My next sandwich will be made with honor. :twilightsmile:

6126072 At yeast you got some results!

6129377 Well then why don't we stop to smell the flour?

6147317 I'm so baked right now XD

*slow claps* Well done, man, well done.


6609359 I crumble at how successful this has been

You forgot to mention the terrible controles

6735932 Sorry my memory seems to be a little grainy

7182002 I can barley keep up

7201480 Nothing half-baked!

Ohh the pain! :twilightsmile:

7599342 Quit loafing around here lol

Oh my gosh, Search bar! I was kidding! I didn't think you'd return any results.
I don't really have much to say about this one. It was certainly entertaining. I'll give it that much.
Found a slight error here:

She wasn't the only one that twitched. The baked square that was the slice of white bread started to stir. Her plate gently shook as the slice floppily stood upright and wiggled only to fall defeated back onto the plate. If bread could cry it would have. What was it's purpose in life?

*Otherwise, the sentence containing it's would read "What was it is purpose in life?" and that just sounds awkward.

But, I digress. I give this written work one exploding gas station (if you get the reference).

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