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War. Some ponies think it's a glorious thrill filled with stories of honor, justice, and adventure.

It's not.

Between the blood underneath my treads and my scarred wings war is no longer something I live for. With Equestria in a full Civil War both the NLR and the Solar Empire will stop at nothing to claim this land all the while destroying lives in the process. I fight for peace and the promise of a united land. It's time to set things right. For a united Equestria and the Peace Corps.

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The world now stands still; its surface scarred with the remnants of the Great Destruction, Judgment Day, the Apocalypse.

It has been 200 years after the world was destroyed by a holocaustic fire that rained from the sky, turning the land into nothing more than an intolerable, cracked, and inhospitable wasteland.

The sky raged…
The oceans roared…
The land cracked…

Billions meet their end, some slow and agonizing. Others vaporized, while some, against all odds.


Some went insane, others mutated into horrid and twisted forms, and others kept trying to rebuild society, while others seek to destroy society. It is a hostile land, with little signs of mercy shown to anypony but the test of time and the Apocalypse will only strengthen the resolve and the will to survive of those who still hang on to magic of friendship. This is where our story begins.

We follow a young stallion, seasoned by the horrors of the wastes to find his own path with his faithful friend by his side. They will be faced by all those horrors and more in this epic story of struggle, lost, friendship, and adversity. For in this wasteland everyday is a horror within itself…

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Long ago in the fantasy of Realm, all the world's nations lived in peace and harmony. From Equestria, the Republic Sky Realm, Vulcan Sol, and the two Kingdoms of Tidas and Aurora calm skies graced the pristine lands and vibrant oceans. But... Dark times loomed ahead for the fantasy of Realm, as wars and cataclysms befell the world...

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Ever since pony kind looked up into the stars we always wondered, are we truly alone in the universe? What wonders, what exciting new discoveries remain untouched by our hooves? Whenever I was lonely, I'd look up at the stars as a flew on. I'd fly higher and higher, reaching for the stars, only to have my breath cut short by the thin oxygen in the higher atmosphere. I've dreamed of someday venturing to the stars...

Then, one day, the stars came to us...

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When Twilight Sparkle flies downstairs to eat her normal breakfast things become a little less normal as she somehow enchants her loaf of bread after falling asleep at the table.

This is the story of one slice of bread destined to cross her kitchen counter to become toast...

He is bread...

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