• Published 16th Nov 2014
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X Steps Through The Portal - Tennis Match Fan

Now that the link between the human world and pony world is constantly open through Twilight's magic, students (whether by accident or on purpose) will wander to the other side.

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28. Pinkie Pie 2

Pinkie Pie paced around her room one night, anxious to start with her amazing plan. Gummy lay on her bed, watching her as he usually did. Pinkie leaned in closer to her pet and cocked her head. Gummy blinked.

"You're right, Gummy," she commented. "I really wish I could just go now!" She grabbed her clock and leaned in so close her blue eyes nearly touched the face of the clock. 11:47.

"Rats," she sighed, tossing the clock behind her. It landed neatly on her nightstand, a trick Pinkie had perfected when she was seven. Gummy blinked again.

"Do you think I should go now?" she asked him again. "I mean, yeah, I'm not allowed to cross until midnight, but who knows? It might take thirteen minutes to get there!" Pinkie tried to talk quietly. The twins were asleep down the hall, after all.

"Wait a minute, isn't thirteen an unlucky number?" she asked. The question was either directed at herself or Gummy. Gummy blinked twice, resolving the issue.

"Agreed!" Pinkie proclaimed. "I must wait until 11:48!" She beamed, happy to have an opportunity to once more meet her counterpart in the next universe. But Other Pinkie had told her to come at exactly midnight, and that's just what she intended to do.

"Hey, Gummy. Toss me the clock!" Pinkie commanded. Gummy blinked as she stretched out and grabbed the clock. Starring at it once more, she watched as the hands ticked around.


"Well, I'd better be going now!" Pinkie exclaimed, dropping the clock on the floor. It bounced right back to her nightstand. "I'd hate to keep Other Me waiting!" She giggled, which accidentally caused her to snort like a pig.

"See ya later, alligator!" Pinkie winked to Gummy as she left her room.

Pinkie tiptoed past Pumpkin and Pound's room, where they slept soundly. She descended the stairs and silently left the house.

The full moon shown overhead as Pinkie hurried through town.

I don't recall every staying up 'till midnight unless it was a party, Pinkie thought as she went along. I don't recall the last time I thought to myself either. Usually I'm talking out loud. But now, I have to be silent. Right, narrator?

... Pinkie, don't talk to me. You're better than Cheese Sandwhich.

Oh, right! Wait, did he go through the portal too? I didn't know that, Pinkie couldn't help conversing in her thoughts with the narrator as she approached her destination.

Shoot. Uh, never mind. Don't talk to me.

"If they narrator says so," Pinkie murmured with a shrug of her shoulders.

Eight minutes had passed when PInkie reached her destination. She was especially careful and quiet now that she was here. Twilight wasn't a very sound sleeper.

The pink pony stood in front of the mirror she had seen but never entered. A wide grin spread across Pinkie's face.

"I have a feeling it's 11:56," she murmured, admiring the pure surface of the mirror reflecting moonlight across her face. "I'm not going to mention how for the narrator's sake." Pinkie Pie stared at the window as she waited for midnight to come around. She nommed on her tail. She speed-read My Little Dashie (which Other Pinkie Pie had notified her about) and ate a banana.

When three minutes and 59 seconds had passed, Pinkie narrowed her eyes and grinned. In the next second, she ran straight into the portal

"Wheeeeeeee!" she giggled, flying through the colors. Her tummy tickled as she stretched and twisted through the inter-dimension.

"Are you sure you don't want me to describe my experience, narrator?" She asked as she swirled around and around. "I know you think it's boring describing the same thing over and over."

Pinkie continued to swirl around and around until she could see the other side of the portal.

"Fine, don't answer meeeee!" Pinkie's pout was cut off as she landed on the other side, standing on both two legs perfectly. Standing across from her was a pale pink girl with fuchsia hair. She wore a white, blue, and purple shirt. A lavender bow wrapped around her waist, just above a pink skirt with three balloons on the side.

"Pinkie!" Other Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

"I missed you, Pinkie!" Pinkie returned, leaning in to hug her counterpart. "And it's super exciting to be in your world! It's like rainbows and cupcakes and balloons but doubled!"

"Totally splendidlyrific!" Other Pinkie Pie cheered, breaking apart the hug. "Sooooo, what clothes do you have?"

"Oh! I totally didn't notice!" Pinkie replied, looking down at herself. She wore a pale yellow t-shirt striped with shades of orange and pink.

"Doesn't this just look like a sunset?" Pinkie gushed.

"I know!" Other Pinkie Pie agreed. "Your skirt, too!" Pinkie's skirt had three layers. The top was orange, the middle layer was pink, and the final layer was a darker pink. Her boots were an identical light orange with three balloons on the heel.

"The universe picks out the best outfits!" Pinkie declared happily. "So, what are we doing in this world?"

"We're going to spend the rest of the night running around like we're in a music video!" Other Pinkie replied with a thumbs up. "Tik Tok or Last Friday Night?"

"It's not Friday, it's Tuesday!" Pinkie pointed out, doing a backflip.

"Good point!" Other Pinkie agreed. "Tik Tok it is!" Pinkie clapped her hands in excitement.

"This is gonna be so fun!"

"Come on!" Other Pinkie grabbed her hand. "We have soooo much to do before the night is out!"

The two Pinkies sprinted over to Sugarcube Corner. Getting in was easy; Other Pinkie had a key. They ran over to the whipped cream machine and dumped it all into their mouths. Each Pinkie giggled, wearing identical whipped cream mustaches, cheeks puffed out from eating so much of the amazing substance. They left some whipped cream Other Pinkie had brought with her to restock.

"It's funner when you get it out of a machine," she explained to Pinkie.

The next few minutes were spent blowing up tons of balloons with helium. They giggled as orbs of blue, purple, pink, and orange were blown up and released into the sky. The best part was the neon that stood out against the dark of night.

As Pinkie and Other Pinkie watched their beautiful creations float up into the sky, they high fived.

Next, Other Pinkie grabbed a scooter and the two sped down to Rainbow Dash's house. They snickered as they opened her window and climbed inside her room. Rainbow was out like a light, snoring away under a blanket that looked so soft and plush Pinkie was sure it made of clouds like the ones Dashie napped on in Equestria.

That fact taken care of, it was fun doodling Pinkie and her pony twin were here! on Dash's forehead. Other Pinkie drew a pig nose underneath Dash's actual nose. Insert cupcakes here was scribbled on Rainbow Dash's chin, arrows pointed to her mouth.

Pinkie bit back a laugh as she withdrew the marker. Rainbow had slept soundly through their entire assault!

After they had jumped out the window, it was back on the scooter to Canterlot High. Other Pinkie got them inside through the window, again, and Pinkie was in for a tour of the school.

"And here's the band room, where we Rainbooms practice!" Other Pinkie told her.

"Sweets and sugar!" Pinkie exclaimed, peeking inside. "I just had the best idea ever!"

"Oh! Oh! Tell me!" Other Pinkie waved her hand around as if she was a school child waiting to be called on.

"We should start a pony band back in Equestria!" Pinkie exclaimed, pointing inside. "And I could secretly videotape us and send you the video!"

"And I could do the same here!" Other Pinkie added. The duo high fives once more.

"This is the start of an awesome friendship!" Pinkie decided, hugging her counterpart.

"I'm friends with myself!" Other Pinkie added. "Let's find a set of journals like the ones Twilight and Sunset have-"

"-and be inter-dimensional pen pals!" The two cried in unison. They high fives again and danced around in the middle of the school hallway.

"Do you wanna go to Berry Punch's dance party?" Other Pinkie asked. "She stays up all night doing them."

"Totally!" Pinkie agreed. "My first human party!"

Author's Note:

So, did I manage to fool you into believing it was human Pinkie Pie at the beginning? :raritywink:
Human Twilight and Pony Twilight have different Equestria Girls outfits, so I figured the pony versions of the rest of the mane six would, too.
Also, let's hope we don't end up with two drunk Pinkie Pies. The world will explode.