• Published 16th Nov 2014
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X Steps Through The Portal - Tennis Match Fan

Now that the link between the human world and pony world is constantly open through Twilight's magic, students (whether by accident or on purpose) will wander to the other side.

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12. Violet Blurr

Violet Blurr stood outside Canterlot High, snapping selfie after selfie on a chilly December day. Pixel Pizzazz, one of her best friends, stood beside her.

"Give it a rest, Violet," Pix told her, wrapping her striped scarf tighter around her neck. "You must've taken, like, 300 selfies in the past two minutes. Besides, we're gonna be late for Photo Finish's party if you don't hurry up."

"I can't help it!" Violet shot Pix a pouty look. "I need to get the perfect shot!" Violet hunched over her phone and began to sort through the multitude of photos that she had taken. She glanced up at Pix as she went, hoping that Pix would leave.

Pix wasn't that easy to get rid of. Violet should have known that.

"You just wanna get out of going to the party, don't you?" Pix accused her.

"What?" Violet exclaimed, nearly dropping her phone when Pix figured out. "No way!" She tried to look innocent, but Pix wasn't going to have the charade.

"Why not?" She asked. "It'll be fun!" Violet sighed and lowered her arm.

"I just haven't been in the party mood lately," she explained. "We haven't done any new photo shoots, and I'm just bored."

"Hey, no sweat," Pix reassured her. "If you don't want to come, Photo Finish will understand. Probably. Maybe not." Violet tried not to smile as Pix blatantly reduced the positivity of her answer.

"So she'll probably just be mad at you when you don't show up," Pix finished. "But hey, whatever! I'll take her wrath for my best friend!" She gently elbowed Violet.

"Hey, watch it!" Violet protested, grasping on to her phone. She had been known to drop it on occasion, and although it hadn't broken yet, Violet tried to keep it safely in her hands.

"So are you gonna leave now?" Pix asked as she stuffed her hands into her coat pockets.

"I think I'll stay here for a while and delete all my unnecessary selfies," Violet answered, hoisting herself up onto the school's statue.

"Suit yourself, Vi," Pix responded. "Well, I'm off! See ya later!"

"Bye!" Violet waved as Pix took off for her car. Then she turned her attention back to her selfies.

I really shouldn't have done this, Violet thought as she shifted through the photos. From her critical artist's eye, none of them were very good. Violet's fingers worked in a pattern, hitting the same buttons each time to delete picture after picture.

Eventually, Violet came to a picture that didn't look like it had been taken by a sloppy novice. On a stroke of luck, the light of the setting sun hit Violet's face and hair at just the right angle.

This is gorgeous! Violet thought in delight. She broke her pattern to send the picture to Pix. Her fingers hesitated, debating on whether or not to send it to Photo Finish.

Better not, Violet decided before she jumped off the statue. She might get really critical since I didn't bother showing up to the party.

Violet stared at the photo for a moment longer before she made the decision to head home. Violet reached to return her phone to her pocket at the same time she began to walk. Violet's boot suddenly stuck on a loose pavement stone.

"No!" She cried as her phone flew out of her hand. Violet almost lunged for her phone before she realized that if she did, she'd painfully crash into the statue. She could only watch helplessly as her phone spiraled forward-

-and passed through the marble statue. Violet's mouth dropped open.

"What just happened?" She asked, approaching the statue cautiously. Violet reach out her left hand to touch the base. To her surprise, her fingers passed right through, like she was dipping them into a pool. Violet gasped.

"The Dazzlings!" She remembered. "They were from an alternate universe, right?"

Violet hesitated. Entering the problem was the only way she could retrieve her phone, that was obvious. But if that world was what spawned manipulative girls like the Dazzlings, who knew what else lay beyond?

Go now, Violet. It's not like you have a choice, she thought to herself. Violet took a deep breath and stared straight forward. She took a step forward, and then, Violet jumped.

"Wooooooo hooooooooo!" She yelled as she twisted through a vortex of swirling colors. Violet had a little-known passion for roller coasters, and this experience definitely reminded her of coasting down the ride. Gravity seemed to be working against Violet. Her body felt like silly putty!

Soon, Violet saw an end to the colors. She was thrust forward into the exit. Violet tumbled up against something cold and blue.

"Crystal!" Violet gasped, regaining her sense almost instantaneously. "Real crystal!" Her eyes flew around the room she was inside. She could hardly believe that solid crystal made up the walls of the whole thing.

Violet looked down and found herself staring at a pair of blue hooves. Long, wavy, and gradient pink hair fell next to the set. Violet's eyes widened.

I'm a pony! She thought in wonder. I've been turned into a pony!

"This is so amazing!" Violet exclaimed aloud. Her gaze landed on her phone, which lay directly in front of a horseshoe-shaped mirror, obviously her way back home. Violet placed one hoof on the phone and slid it over to herself.

I so need to take a picture of this moment! She decided, swiping at the screen to get up the camera app. That was a task that proved no easy feat.

"Argh!" Violet tossed her hair in frustration. "Curse this lack of fingers!" Violet pressed the screen again, but nothing changed. Violet sighed.

Think, Violet. How else would ponies swipe a screen? She thought. After several seconds, an answer came to her.

Smiling sheepishly, Violet brought her muzzle close to the screen. She swiped across the screen with her nose. To Violet's surprise and delight, her technique worked! Violet's phone opened up the camera app!

"Yes!" Violet cheered, clapping her front hooves together. "Now to get that picture!" Violet pulled her phone closer. She carefully eased it into the grasp of her hooves.

How should I do this? She wondered. Violet nosed the screen again. The viewpoint flipped over, so that the preview on the screen was of the portal, not Violet.

It's worth a shot, Violet thought. She smiled broadly for the camera. As she did so, Violet also moved her hoof around the screen in search of the picture button.

Violet pulled her phone back. It was hard to tell if she had taken any photos.

That'll wait for the human world, where I have fingers, Violet thought. With the phone in one hand, Violet rose to all four hooves. New to this gait, Violet stumbled a little in the first, and only, three steps.

"It was nice to see you, Crystal Pony Place," Violet told the room, turning to look at it one more time. "Bye!" Violet turned around and jumped through the portal.

After the rollercoaster between dimensions, Violet checked her phone. Two pictures of a smiling blue pony with a rose wreath decorating her hair appeared.

"Yes!" Violet exclaimed in triumph. "Now to send these to Pix!" In a few simple taps, the pictures were on their way to Pix. The response was almost instantaneous.

"LOL, good try! U aren't a pony!