• Published 16th Nov 2014
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X Steps Through The Portal - Tennis Match Fan

Now that the link between the human world and pony world is constantly open through Twilight's magic, students (whether by accident or on purpose) will wander to the other side.

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33. Cheese Sandwhich 2

So, hey guys. I have some news for you-

Ahem! I said I could narrate my own story, did I not?

I do have to give an introduction, you know, Keaton.

Actually, I’m going to have to hijack this one, Crazy Tennis Girl. You yourself admitted you don’t really like Cheese, so you’re probably going to mess him up.

W-what? Sure, I hate him irrationally, but I can still write him! Just look at my portrayal of Raph-

Sorry, got to take this. Bye-bye!

Keaton-Furman-Prower, you get back here! *is pushed away by Keaton* NUUUUUU-

Let’s go, Cheese!

Sounds cheesy! But can you stop listening to that? It’s not appropriate music for this chapter.

Wha- but it’s Awesome Mix Vol. 1! This is the music Star-Lord danced to his whole life!

You have my voice actor on that phone, don’t you?

Oh. Uh, sure, let’s have some Mandatory Fun.

That’s better! now let’s go!

Cheese approached the statue as Boneless hung onto him. He looked at it with an inquisitive stare as he recalled what he had done the first time. He wondered what would happen if he stepped into it a second time.

“Cheesy!” a familiar voice called out.

“Pinkie!” Cheese said in reply. “What are you doing here?”

“I have a special appointment on the other side today!” explained Pinkie. “And you have one, too!”

Cheese raised an eyebrow in response.

“Me? But how? I don’t remember signing up for anything!”

It must have been her intuition of events yet to come,” said Boneless. “Or Pinkie Sense, as the case may be.”

That is indeed the case,” said a new, unknown voice. “Madame Pinkie is quite skilled at organizing more than just parties. She has also devised an ingenious scheme for you to have a jolly good time with your trans-dimensional brother!”

“Who’s that?” asked Cheese.

“Oh, it’s Gummy,” Pinkie answered as she held up a fish bowl with a tiny toothless alligator swimming within. “He’s my party confidant!”

“Awesomesauce! He’s just like Boneless!”

“Yeah! Now can we go through the portal? Time is candy!”

Cheese smiled and nodded, and so he bounced through the portal. He held onto Boneless as they were flushed together down the toilet of wormhole-y-ness.

I'm still not sure why his language was so colorful. Good job.

Thank you, Crazy Tennis Girl. Moving along!

Cheese landed hoof-first on the crystal floor. He inhaled deeply, allowing the smell of adventure to permeate his sinuses.

It was at this point that he noticed a particular character staring right at him.

“Hello! Who are you?”

Cheese gasped. At first, he had thought he was looking into a mirror, but he now realized he was staring at a pony who was identical to him in every way.

“You… you look just like me!” said Cheese.

“No, you look just like me!” said Other Cheese. “Are you the Other-Cheese Pinkie told me about?”

Cheese gasped at Other Cheese’s comment.

“Yeah! You are my mirror-universe twin brother!” he declared happily.

Before either of them could speak again, Pinkie bounced out of the portal.

“Oh, Cheese! I see you’ve met the Other Cheese! We, I mean, this is his home universe, so I guess you’re technically the Other Cheese?”

“No, they’re both just Cheese!” said another voice. The three ponies turned to see a pink earth pony staring at them with a smile on her face.

“Pinkie!” Pinkie yelled as she glomped Other Pinkie. “I got Cheese to come like you told me!”

“That’s awesome!” giggled Other Pinkie. “I knew we had to get those two together, especially after narrator mentioned him!"


“Wait,” said Other Pinkie. “Is that a new narrator?”

Nah, this is just a one-time gig. Unless Crazy Tennis Girl says otherwise, which is doubtful.

“It’s a long story,” explained Cheese.

“Enough chit-chat!” Pinkie declared. “We have a lot of partying to do, and we don’t have all day!”

“Oh-Em-Gee!” yelled Cheese. “I hadn’t realized it! There are two Cheeses, two Pinkies, two Gummys, and two Bonelesseseseseses! Do you realize the party power he hold?!”

“You’re right!” gasped Other Cheese. “If we all work together, we could create the greatest party in all of either of our two universes!”

The four party ponies and their respective party confidants cheered together.


The Friendship Castle was packed to bursting with dancing ponies. There were all sorts of lights and sounds all around, and the tables were piled sky-high with cupcakes, ice cream, fruit punch, and every single sweet imaginable, and even more that could not be imagined.

And atop the balcony, Twilight was scowling.

“Pinkie Pie!”

Immediately, Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich appeared in front of her; Pinkie was wearing Cheese’s trademark hat and cloak, while Cheese had Gummy attached to his forehead by the mouth, like some sort of brain-eating alien monster.

Tally-ho!” said Gummy. “You seem rather displeased, your highness. Does something seem to be inconveniencing you? I can assure you that my fair Pinkie and her good friend can easily resolve any trouble you may be perceiving!”

Unfortunately, Twilight did not understand the language of the party confidants.

“Pinkie! Could you explain why you and Cheese Sandwich are having such a huge and disruptive party in my castle?!”

“Well, duh! Your castle was the only place big enough!” answered Pinkie.

“Also, it made a whole lot of ponies happy!” said Cheese.

Twilight opened her mouth to speak, but before she could say anything, Spike leaped on top of her.

“Come on, Twilight! Boogie out!”

Twilight groaned in frustration as Spike began to dance on top of her.

“Spike, please get off of me so I can get to work getting all these ponies out of-”

“Hey there everypony!”

Twilight turned away from Spike to look down at the front steps of her castle. To her shock, Pinkie and Cheese were sitting at the doorway to her castle.

“Welcome to the Friendship Castle’s first official party!” shouted Pinkie.

“We’re working hard to make this the best party in the history of parties!” yelled Cheese. “So you’d better help us by having as much fun as you possibly can!”

“Everypony! PARTY LIKE CRAZY!!!”

As the ponies below cheered, Twilight’s jaw dropped to the floor.

“Pinkie?! Cheese?! But they were right-”

She turned back towards the spot where Pinkie and Cheese had been standing just a few moments ago. However, they were nowhere to be found.

“I… I… Huh?!”


“That was so much fun!”

The party had just finished. Everypony had just home, Spike was asleep, and Twilight was locked in her room trying to explain how Pinkie and Cheese could so easily break the laws of physics, and hopefully prevent the end of all things.

“I have to agree with Cheese,” Other Cheese said. “That was the most incredible party I have ever put together! I don’t think anything will ever be able to top that!”

“Hey, don’t say that,” Other Pinkie said. “The next time we all get together, we can all have an awesome party together!”

“Omigosh yes!” cheered Pinkie. “We’ll make it twenty-percent awesomer!”

“Totally!” said Cheese. “So, what do you say we do this again next week?”

“Same time, same place?” asked Other Cheese.

“You got it!” said Cheese. “Hey! Next time, we should have a taco run!”

“Speaking of tacos,” said Pinkie, “We should ask Sonata to come with us! She’s so much fun!”

“Don’t say Sonata!” Other Pinkie said suddenly. “We have to call her Dusky Sonnet!”

“Who’s Sonata?” asked Other Cheese.

“Oh, she’s a friend,” said Cheese. “She loves tacos, and she’s an IGFUR.”

“Incredible Gymnast for Unknown Reasons?” Other Cheese said in surprise. “Awesome!”

“Yeah!” said Cheese. “But why do we have to call her Dusky Sonnet?”

“Because of reasons!” said Other Pinkie.

The other three stared at her for a moment, before shrugging and looking towards the portal.

“So, I guess this is goodbye?” asked Other Cheese, a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Hey, chin up!” said Cheese. “We’ll see each other again, right?”

“Of course!” said Other Cheese, perking up as he did.

“That’s right!” said Cheese. “We’ll get back together sooner than you can say stinky cheese!”

“Cheese!” yelled Pinkie. “We must go now! Our planet needs us!”

“Oh-Em-Gee! You’re right! I hadn’t thought of all the parties they aren’t having right now!”

Immediately, Pinkie and Cheese lunged into the portal.


As the two party ponies vanished, Other Cheese felt the sinking feeling come back.

“I miss him already.”

“Relax, Cheesy,” said Other Pinkie. “I’m sure the other narrator will be reasonable enough to allow you to appear again.


Just wait until Pinkie, Other Pinkie, Cheese Sandwhich, and Other Cheese Sandwich meet up with Bubble Berry, other Bubble Berry, Grilled Cheese, and Other Grilled Cheese. :pinkiecrazy: But that's another story...

Author's Note:

...one that will not be told in this fiction! :pinkiehappy: