• Published 16th Nov 2014
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X Steps Through The Portal - Tennis Match Fan

Now that the link between the human world and pony world is constantly open through Twilight's magic, students (whether by accident or on purpose) will wander to the other side.

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11. Fluttershy

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Pinkie Pie?" Fluttershy asked as Pinkie Pie and Rarity dragged her to school on Sunday morning.

"Of course it is!" Pinkie giggled. "You love animals! Of course you'd love being turned into a pony!"

"Yes, but being a pony is much different than riding a pony," Fluttershy whispered.

"Oh, please does this, Fluttershy!" Rarity pleaded. "You'll be the most understanding out of Rainbow, Applejack, and Sunset! Besides, this is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity! Don't you want to take it?"

"Not really," Fluttershy responded quietly.

"We'll be right behind you the entire time!" Pinkie Pie assured her. "Pinkie Promise!"

"Oh, alright." Fluttershy was comforted by the usage of a Pinkie Promise, the sacred oath that no one ever broke.

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye" Pinkie Pie recited.

"You probably will fly!" She added. "I bet you're a Pegasus in the pony world!"

"Yes, there's no doubt about it, you always get those adorable wings!" Rarity put in. "Watch your step, girls!" They halted for a moment until several cars zoomed by, then the three girls quickly crossed the street.

"I trust you guys know what you're doing," Fluttershy told them as they walked. "I would hate to upset Twilight. Or Sunset, or anybody else."

"We won't," Pinkie promised again, for what seemed like the millionth time. "Look, here's the portal now!" It was an obvious observation, but nobody called Pinkie Pie out on it. Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy stood right in front of it. Fluttershy had been by the statue many times; it felt strange that now she was coming not to hang out to it, but to travel through it.

"How about you go first, Rarity?" Fluttershy suggested timidly.

"Fluttershy, just go!" Rarity gently grabbed Fluttershy's shoulders and steered her to the portal. Fluttershy stuck her pointer finger out. It went right in through the portal, making ripples like in a kitten's milk dish.

"Eep!" She exclaimed, pulling it back as of she had been burned.

"Ichangedmymindaboutthisdon'tmakemego!" Fluttershy begged her friends, zipping behind Rarity and staring anxiously at the portal. Pinkie Pie and Rarity exchanged glances.

"This is an opportunity, Fluttershy," Rarity began.

"I know, Rarity, I know! And I wanna take it, really! But I can't, because I'm too scared!" Fluttershy sunk to the ground and curled up into a ball.

"Aw, now you're making me sad!" Pinkie Pie said softly, blowing her nose into a tissue she had. Fluttershy kept her eyes shut tight, concentrating on the darkness around her.

"We'll regret this," Rarity murmured.

"What?" Fluttershy popped her head up too late. Pinkie Pie and Rarity had grabbed either side of her.

"Help meeeeeeee!" She shrieked as her "friends" threw her into the portal.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah!" Fluttershy screamed in terror, louder than she ever had before. She was rushing down a tunnel of light, and there was no gravity she could feel. Fluttershy felt herself being stretched in all different directions, as her body transformed. At least, Fluttershy assumed it was transforming. She hoped it was transforming.

After a half minute, Fluttershy was spit out the other end of the portal. She slid across the floor and bumped up against the wall, like a klutzy fawn failing to ice skate.

In another second, Pinkie Pie tumbled out and did the splits.

"Ta da!" She exclaimed cheerfully as Rarity flew out of the portal behind her.

"I do wish it was a little more comfortable," Rarity remarked. Fluttershy watched her stand up and touch a hoof to her purple mane.

"Now, Fluttershy, I am truly sorry about taking you here against your will," Rarity told her with sincerity, walking over. "But I know you wanted to go, like you said, but you couldn't make yourself go. Naturally, I had to take matters into my own hands-"

"Hooves!" Pinkie Pie interrupted excitedly.

"Right, hooves," Rarity corrected herself. "Darling, have you looked at yourself yet? You're so adorable!"

"R-really?" Fluttershy asked in surprise. She raised herself into a sitting position to look over herself. Her pink hair fell slightly over her left eye just as it did when she has been human. The rest of her mane fell over her opposite shoulder. Fluttershy couldn't help smiling at her pony self.

"Oh, oh! Look at your wings!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed, prodding a hoof at the wings hidden from Fluttershy's view. Fluttershy unwittingly extended the wings; they were feathered and the same buttery-yellow as the rest of Fluttershy.

"I forgive you, Rarity," Fluttershy said, staring at herself in the crystal reflection. "I could never stay mad at you when I get to see myself like this!"

"I know; It's magnificent!" Rarity responded. "Do you need help standing up, Fluttershy?"

"Let me try it on my own, first, if you don't mind," Fluttershy politely declined. She pushed up off the floor, her wings still extended.

"Woah!" Fluttershy exclaimed, staggering forward. Immediately, her friends lunged to catch her, but Fluttershy managed to stay upright.

"Are you alright?" Rarity asked. Fluttershy nodded.

"It's these wings. I'm not used to the extra weight on my back. Well, I had them at the Battle of the Bands, but I'm always on my legs," Fluttershy added.

"Even if it's hard now, you'll get used to it reaaaaaaaally quickly!" Pinkie exclaimed. "Maybe you'll even fly!"

"Oh, I wouldn't want to risk it," Fluttershy responded timidly, meanwhile trying to walking without losing balance. "What if I fell?"

"Now, dear, we're not going to make you fly," Rarity reminded her. "What are we doing now?"

"Do you wanna go outside, Fluttershy?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"That sounds nice," Fluttershy agreed. "Let's go!" Fluttershy had quickly grasped balance as a Pegasus, and she walked down the crystal stairs with ease.

"Now, we'll have to be careful of Twilight," Rarity commented as they walked. "We're not supposed to be here."

"Here we are!" Pinkie Pie announced when they reached the front door. With Fluttershy in the lead, the trio walked outside.

"This scenery is amazing!" Fluttershy noted in awe. Her gaze flew from tree to tree, observing each detail on every one.

"Rarity! Pinkie! A bird's nest!" Fluttershy spotted a collection of twigs and bark in the branches on an oak tree and immediately trotted over. Three yellow chicks' heads popped up over the side.

"Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!" The little babies twittered and peeped. Fluttershy sighed contentedly.

"Don't worry, little chicks. Mommy will be home soon," she told them. Realizing what she had done, Fluttershy's hoof flew to her mouth.

"Girls! Did you see that?" She asked excitedly.

"What was it, darling?" Rarity asked, while Pinkie gasped in delight.

"I sea that! You can talk with animals, Fluttershy!" She cheered.

"I know!" Fluttershy exclaimed. "Oh, I am never leaving!" Rarity and Pinkie Pie exchanged a glance. That didn't sound good.

Several hours later...

"Don't make me goooo!" Fluttershy begged, grabbing at various things, anything to keep Pinkie and Rarity from dragging her back through the portal.

"I'm at home here!" Fluttershy wailed.

"Careful!" Pinkie commented as Rarity reached the final flight of stairs. Fluttershy spread her wings and flapped desperately, trying to escape the clutches of her friends.

"Fluttershy, you simply do not belong here," Rarity explained, empathetic. "There is another Fluttershy here who does her job as well as, perhaps even better than, you."

"Why?" Fluttershy cried, actual tears misting in her large teal eyes. "The animals understand me!"

"I know, dear," Rarity responded, doing her best to console the sorrowful Pegasus. "Back home we can go to the spa! Does that sound alright?"

Before Fluttershy could answer, Pinkie shouted, "Portal time!" She jumped through, bringing Rarity and Fluttershy with her.

The three girls landed in a heap on the other side.

"That was enjoyable!" Pinkie exclaimed. Fluttershy and Rarity sat up next to her.

"When do we go again?" Fluttershy asked.

Author's Note:

So since Fluttershy had insecurity issues in the human world, she felt free as a pony, where she was one with the animals.