• Published 16th Nov 2014
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X Steps Through The Portal - Tennis Match Fan

Now that the link between the human world and pony world is constantly open through Twilight's magic, students (whether by accident or on purpose) will wander to the other side.

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13. Scott Green

Author's Note:


Scott Green (on left):

When Scott Green was talking on the phone, nobody interrupted him, except for his crush, Aqua Blossom. But as she was sick that day, it was impossible for any of Scott's friends to pry him off that phone.

"Yes, I am aware there was a confusion with the designs," Scott said to his older sister, Sweet Green. "You just need to explain that the original designs belong to Rarity, and that Miss Suri must be accused of plagiarism!"

"I don't want to offend anyone!" Sweet protested from the other end of the phone. "Besides, how are you so sure that Rarity was the victim?"

"From the evidence you've laid out for me, Big Sis," Scott responded marter-of-factly. "Not to mention the fact that Rarity goes to my school and I have never seen her cheat."

"Thanks for the input, Scott," Sweet answered with a sigh. "You know, it's days like these I wish you were helping out with Fashion Week instead of me."

"You're doing fine, Sweet," Scott assured her. He snuck a glance at the clock in the back of the cafeteria. It was almost time for lunch to end.

"I have to go now," Scott told her.

"Alright, I need to go, too. Bye, Scott!" Sweet hung up.

Scott smiled as he set his phone down on the table. Blueberry Cake, Norman, and Sunflower Seed were staring at him.

"What?" Scott asked as he scooped up some sky-blue jello.

"You have some social issues if you have to help your older sister run Fashion Week during lunch," Sunflower deadpanned, examining her nails to indicate a passive attitude to the idea.

"Scott, can you please just talk to us during lunch?" Blueberry asked.

"Yeah, man. Come talk to us." Norman landed a light hit to Scott's upper arm.

"But Sweet's counting on my help!" Scott protested, scooping jello into his mouth between each word. Blueberry and Norman exchanged glances. They seemed to be having a silent discussion with their eyes.

"I hate it when they do that," Sunflower muttered with a toss of her wavy golden hair.

"Hey, Scott, we don't think it's our place to tell you how to spend your lunch," Norman finally said, clearly speaking on behalf on both Blueberry and himself.

"Well, I do," Sunflower snapped, standing up. "I don't know why I hang around with someone who's talking with his older sister half the time. It's a little annoying, don't you think?" Quick as a flash, Sunflower grabbed Scott's phone off the table.

"Hey!" Scott exclaimed, standing up. "Gimme that!"

"Give him back his phone, Sunflower," Blueberry added, crossing her arms. Sunflower smirked.

"No way. Scott'll have to get in from me," she taunted.

"Bully!" Blueberry responded indignantly. Scott grabbed for his phone. Sunflower held it out of his reach.

"Like I said, you'll have to get it from me," she teased. Sunflower was suddenly out the cafeteria door.

"Come back!" Scott shouted, taking off after her. When he threw the doors open, Sunflower was disappearing out of the front doors. Scott scurried after her, desperate to have his phone back. He grabbed the brim of his hat so it wouldn't fly off.

"Come back!" He yelled again, even though Sunflower was beyond the doors. When he reached the front doors, Scott threw them open.

"Sunflower!" He cried, stopping in his tracks. Sunflower stood beside the CHS Wondercolt statue. Scott's phone dangled from her right hand, directly in front of the statue's base.

"Let's test your loyalty to this thing, shall we?" Sunflower asked.

"Don't break it! Please!" Scott looked stricken at the thought. Sunflower rolled her eyes.

"Oh please. My sister Babs is friends with a girl named Sweetie Belle, who's Rarity's sister... Anyway, Babe told me a rumor that this statue is a portal." Sunflower's hand swung back and forth, as if getting ready to throw something.

"I think it's true."

"No!" Scott cried, running forward to prevent the inevitable. A smirk on her face, Sunflower casually tossed his phone through the portal. It slid through easily, just as if she had dropped it into a pool.

"Sweet needs me!" Scott exclaimed. His shock was suddenly replaced with fury. Sweet depended on him, and Sunflower had just thrown out his access to his sister! Scott grabbed Sunflower by the shirt.

"Where's my phone?" He growled.

"Woah, easy on the shirt!" Sunflower pulled away and dusted her black-and-red striped shirt off. "I told you, I threw it through the portal. You can just hop over and retrieve it. If you dare," she added menacingly. Scott rolled his eyes.

"Of course I'll go." Scott straight into the base of the statue, without a hesitation. He needed his phone back. He would get it back.

"Come back safely!" Scott could just barely hear Sunflower's parting words before all outside noises disappeared.

Scott's insides were being torn up. Although he didn't feel nauseous, it wasn't pleasant swirling through a sea of colors.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeey!" Scott cried through the colors. He doubted anyone could hear him, but when you were traveling through dimensions, your natural instinct was to make noise, right?

Scott spiraled through the other end of the portal, landing on a smooth surface.

"Wha-what just happened?" Scott groaned, unsure if he had dreamed the unpleasant experience. Scott's gaze was on a pair of legs the same pale aqua as his- except, they weren't human legs. They looked like pony legs.

"Wait, what?" Scott exclaimed in shock. He tried to wiggle one of his legs. The pony legs wiggled back.

Scott's mouth dropped open.

"That ain't normal, bro," he said, remembering Norman's catchphrase from Freshman year. "Why am I a pony?" Something jogged in his memory. The Dazzlings, and the Rainbooms as well, had those pony ears and tails at the Battle of the Bands. Scott had passed it off as a stage effect...

"That stuff is real!" Scott gasped in realization. "This is where they got those powers from!" Scott sat up as best he could on hooves. As he did, he felt something like extra limbs on his back. When Scott extended the limbs, he felt a feathery texture brush against his hair.

"Check it out, I'm a Pegasus!" Scott realized, twisting around to get a look at his wings. "Too cool!" Scott suddenly remembered his phone. He found it on the smooth, translucent floor, next to a large purple mirror.

"Gotcha!" He exclaimed, walking over to it. His mission was complete; Scott could return and chew out Sunflower now. And yet...

"One test flight," he decided, stretching his wings to their full extent. Since Scott had never possessed wings before, he wasn't totally sure what to do.

"I guess I just... flap?" Scott murmured to himself. He began to move his wings up and down- slowly, at first, but when Scott got used to the action he flapped faster. He couldn't believe his eyes when the motion lifted him off the ground! Scott tucked his hooves in so they weren't dangling in front of him. Soon, he was several feet off the ground!

"Yeah! I'm flying!" Scott cried. "Woo hoo!"

Unfortunately, Scoot had no clue how to go forward or backwards, so he hovered in the air for a minute until Scott decided that it was time to return to CHS. Scott slowly stopped flapping, which brought him back down.

"This was pretty cool!" Scott decided, scooping up his phone. "Can't wait to tell Sunflower, however mean she is!" Scott walked the few steps up to the portal and jumped through.

"Oh jeez. You're actually alive." Scott opened one eye to see Sunflower standing over him, hands on her hips.

"Yeah, I got my phone-" Scott waved the phone at her "-and I was turned into a Pegasus so I got to fly for a moment!" Sunflower rolled her eyes.

"You're crazy, Scottie," she told him before swaggering off. Scott watched her go.

"Wait... did she just call me Scottie?"