• Published 16th Nov 2014
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X Steps Through The Portal - Tennis Match Fan

Now that the link between the human world and pony world is constantly open through Twilight's magic, students (whether by accident or on purpose) will wander to the other side.

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38. Blueberry Pie

Author's Note:

Blueberry Pie! :pinkiehappy:

Blueberry Pie giggled as a bubble popped over her nose. Raspberry Fluff and Derpy joined in the merriment.

"Do another, Derpy!" Raspberry encouraged.

"Alrighty!" Derpy beamed and dipped her bubble wand back into the solution. She brought it out and blew again. Several soapy bubbles emerged and drifted aimlessly. Blue (her friends called her Blue so she wouldn't be confused with Blueberry Cake) and Raspberry clapped.

"This is so fun!" Raspberry sighed, leaning on her back in the lush green grass. "Three bandmates just hanging out before school starts!"

"I totally agree!" Blue agreed. "More people should do this!"

"More people should smile," Derpy added.

"Lots of people smile!" Raspberry protested.

"Yeah, but not constantly," Derpy pointed out. "Kids look so miserable during Mr. Donkey's lectures."

"Because they're bored," Blue countered.

"My point is, everyone should smile more often," Derpy summed up.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with smiling," Blue decided. Unconsciously, she reached up and patted her afro.

"Stop touching your hair!" Raspberry cried.

"What? Why?!" Blue replied, confused. Raspberry shrugged, her pale blue eyes sparkling sheepishly.

"I dunno," she answered sheepishly. "You do it all the time, and it's weird." Blue chucked a leaf at Raspberry's head.

"May the force be with you!" Derpy proclaimed. The group giggled. At that moment, Rose Heart and her posse of eager Freshmen walked by, eyeing the trio in distaste. Blue and Raspberry flinched under her gaze. Derpy remained oblivious, however. She waved to the passing students.

"Hi, Rose Heart!" she called.

"Ugh!" Rose Heart rolled her eyes. "Don't act like foa-er, babies, kids," she told the Freshmen, loud enough for Raspberry, Derpy, and Blue to hear.

"Jeez," Raspberry muttered.

"She just insulted us, didn't she?" Derpy asked, blowing another bubble.

"Aw, who cares about Rose Heart?" Blue asked, fiddling with her hair again. "We can do whatever we want, without her consent!" Raspberry and Derpy smiled.

"You really know just what to say, Blue!" Derpy complimented her friend. Blue nodded.

"Thanks, Derpy."

"Anyways," Derpy continued. "Let's head inside now. School's gonna start soon." She grabbed her pale blue backpack and stood up. Raspberry took her yellow backpack, and Blue took her purple backpack, then stood up as well. The three girls walked leisurely to the front of Canterlot High.

Blue suddenly stumbled over a loose pavement stone!

"Gah!" she cried as she fell forward.

"Blue!" Raspberry and Derpy cried as she tumbled into the statue- then disappeared.

"Should we go after her?" Raspberry asked Derpy. Derpy picked up Blue's packback, which had somehow slipped off her shoulders.

Derpy smiled. "Let's let her have her adventure."

"Stars and bananas!" Blue yelled when she tumbled out of the portal.

"What just happened?" she asked herself, getting up immediately. Blue stumbled as soon as she did. Her balance was off, but why?

Blue's question was answered when she looked up, into a shiny reflective surface. Her mulberry eyes widened in shock.

"I'm a pony!" she yelled.

"And I have wings!" she observed. "That's cool!" She flexed the feathery limbs twice. Blue beamed in delight. This would be an adventure!

"Where to?" she murmured, scanning the room.

"Read a book? Nah.

"Walk down the stairs and see what lies ahead? Psh, as if.

"Jump out of the window and attempt to fly even though that could cause major health problems? Let's do it!" Her band, the Muffins, was all about encouraging the wild and wacky. What was wilder and wackier than flying?

Blue spread her wings- and promptly yelled, "Stars and bananas!"

There were two problems: 1) She hadn't been able to balance so far, and 2) Blue couldn't fly.

"Isn't there a movie about some bird named Blue that couldn't fly?" Blue wondered as she looked up at the window. The bright blue sky seemed to call her name. What was there to lose? Blue flexed her wings.

"Just my sanity," she decided. Crouching down, Blue fixated her eyes on the window's ledge. If she could just make it there, she'd be good.

"One, two," Blue counted under her breath, "three!" She pounced like a cat, flapping her wings in a desperate attempt to make the leap. Blue's hooves made contact with the wall. She struggled to get up. Wings beat furiously.

One hoof managed to find its way onto the ledge. Smiling in determination, Blue gave herself one last push. That was enough to get both hooves on the ledge. Her wings stopped flapping for a moment as Blue heaved herself up onto the windowsill.

"Phew!" Blue wiped her brow. "That was exercise, wasn't it? I wonder if that took off a few pounds in the human world." The statement was followed by a thought. I wonder what Raspberry and Derpy are doing right now.

Derpy and Raspberry looked at each other.

"School's gonna start soon," Raspberry pointed out.

"Aw, relax!" Derpy grinned. "Blue's just having a great adventure! Let's go inside, she'll catch up."

"Blue's totally gonna kill us!" Raspberry giggled as the duo walked back into Canterlot High. "Hey, have you even considered watching anime? It's really good..."

Blueberry stared out the window, simply observing the view. Forest stretched for miles, as far as she could see! The trees met with the brilliant blue sky in the distance, next to a lavender mountain range.

"Is that-" Blue squinted. "-a castle?" Blue's mouth split into a smile at the sight of the beautiful building wrapping around the mountains.

"I should totally fly there!" she decided. "But, that's not gonna happen, is it? I won't be strong or experienced enough." She rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "Maybe I could fly down and walk! Yeah, that would totally work! Wild and wacky trip, here I come!" Blue jumped out of the window.

"Wheeeeeee!" she cried. The wind rushed through her mane as she fell. Blue's wings were extended to their full span. A wind gust caught in her feathers. The fall stopped, and Blue began gliding.

"That was amazing!" Blue exclaimed as she touched down. Her wings instinctively closed when they were not needed. Blue smirked as she looked to the skyline.

"Beautiful mountain city, here I come!" she cried. Blue began to trot.