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The Old Plug

Retired USAF MSgt. Iraq Vet with an AARP card (Scared the Marines with it twice!)


A militaristic view of Pre-wasteland Equestria. Cloud Fixer remembers the missions of the M.O.A. before the Mega-spells fall.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 6 )

You should probably add Fallout Equestria to the title, otherwise the fans will miss it, and you'll only anger the haters more.

Another fallout lequestria fic?

5197921 Just logged back in.....Looks like a couple of Fallout Equestria groups snagged it already. Haters? Care to explain?(Honest question! I I've not encountered any F.O.E. haters.) Thanks for the comment.

5197935 Quote..."I'm not a troll. I am a user who likes to read stories and give my honest opinions on them when I'm finished reading." OK.... so what's your opinion? Yes, this is a F.O.E. prequel.

They're there because I noticed them, and that's my duty is to add them, also you have now encountered a hater, they hate it simply for existing, thinking that FoE is an overused landscape, and that they shouldn't exist.

But that's a depressing topic for different places, the point is, don't let them get to you, and write what you want.

Comment posted by Hatty_Hattington deleted Oct 31st, 2014
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