• Published 4th May 2012
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Martin's Unreal Life - CrypticMetaphor

Martin returns home after winter wrap, until The Six decide its time for them to cross over with him

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Chapter 6: Superhero

Two days past after the incident on the street and everyone had begun to adjust to the new variable of The Six maintaining their unique talents, but Rainbow had been acting very odd the day after the incident. She would talk to all of them as her usual self, but she kept insisting to go to the local park to keep in shape. Everyone had no problem with it until Rarity noticed her coming home with bags of clothes and some very odd supplies, but she dismissed it as her taking up a hobby.


Rainbow was hard at work, the day had past normally as it always did, she had hung out with the girls, Martin and Alan but the whole time her mind was pulled back to the secret project she was doing in the garage. She looked down at the aviator goggles she had bought, the black leather holding the tinted lenses in place would provide the perfect cover, she cast a glance over to the black boots and matching leather gloves that fit and covered her hands perfectly. She had also bought black jogging pants which had two white stripe going vertically down the center of each pant leg. She then looked at the snow white hoodie that she would wear after she finished the final thing. She looked down at the black sports jacket she was currently working with; it was plain with no designs on it except for the ones she was applying at the moment, Rainbow was never really good with sewing and fabrication, but she did make her own costume during the Nightmare Night that Luna first showed up at, and she had progressed very far ever since then. She then held up the finished product with a smile, on the sleeves of the jacket stretching from the shoulder down to the cuff was a single white lightning bolt, and on the back was a large white star. Rainbow then pulled out the finishing touch, a black ski cap to cover her hair so no one could fully recognise her when she went out at night.


Martin at that current time was sitting in the living room with the girls waiting for Alan to bring Inception over; Twilight was currently immersed in Eragon not looking up once when addressed. Soon the door leading into the garage opened revealing a smiling Rainbow Dash with a black backpack.

Applejack just gave her friend a look, “Rainbow Dash, if ah didn’t know any better I would have ta say it looks like yer hidin something”

Rainbows smile turned to an innocent one as she placed a hand on her chest, “Me?, never”

Rarity raised a skeptical eyebrow at this which caused the rainbow haired girl to sweat slightly, “I have to agree with Applejack; as of late you have been spending a lot of time in the garage, what exactly have you been doing in there?”

Rainbow was becoming desperate as she thought of different things to say, she then gave a relaxed smile as she spoke, “Reading some Earth books”

Martin just looked at her, “in the garage?”

Rainbow nodded, “Yeah, its quieter in there then out here”, she then looked at the clock that read 8:00pm, “Oh horsefeathers, look at the time, I better get going”

Pinkie then quickly yelled after her, “But Alan is bringing a movie over”

Rainbow put on her shoes, “I’ll have to take a rain check”

Martin turned to look at her, “Just don’t stay out too late young lady”

Rainbow nodded as she literally sped out the door which slammed shut, Twilight looked where Rainbow Dash had been, "why was she in such a hurry?”


Rainbow Dash was several block down the road in an alleyway when she donned her clothes, she tied the boots up after she put on the pants, she then slipped on the hoodie. After that was done with that she put on the jacket and zipped it up to her neck, she then she tightened her grip in the gloves she now wore. Finally she put on the ski cap and put the hood up; she looked at herself in a puddle of water and smiled in satisfaction at who smiled back.

She then put the aviator goggles over her eyes as she took on a confident smirk, “Alright, let’s find some trouble”


At the same time this happened, Martin had finished explaining Rainbow’s absence to Alan who had immediately fired off a suggestion, “Maybe we should look into this secret hobby of hers by checking the garage?”

Twilight put a bookmark on her page, “I agree, we all know when Rainbow acts like this she is doing something she doesn’t want us to know about”

All of them nodded as they walked to the door and opened it, within the garage was a mess consisting of comic books, various supplies of clothing fabrication and a few drawings of designs.

Martin looked down at an open copy of The Flash, “You don’t think she…”

Alan held up a sketch of Rainbow in her completed costume, “She did”


Rainbow was running at a speed which made her look like a black and white blur, she was filled with utter exhilaration at this new feeling. The feeling of speed always made her feel exhilarated, but the feeling of anonymity added to this making her feel freer then she ever did, she then stopped outside of a gas station to regain her surroundings. She was leaning against a street light when she noticed an elderly man being chased by two twenty year olds with bats in their hands. They cornered him outside of the gas station and knocked him to the ground mocking and insulting him all the while.

(epic music)

Rainbow approached them and placed her hands on her hips, "Hey!"

One of the thugs looked up at this stranger, “Who’s this clown?”

The other thug turned his attention to the stranger and brandished the bat, “Listen here, back off before you get hurt”

Rainbow just pointed to the downed man, “Not until YOU back off”

Both thugs were now turning their full attention to her, the one that threatened spoke in an arrogant tone, “Why don’t you make us little girl”

Once more, if the universe could put a musical score to a situation, a heavy cord would have just been struck as Dash spoke in an annoyed tone, “WHAT did you just call me?”

The thug then smiled and spoke each individual word, “.LITTLE.GIRL…Agh!!”

The second the word girl left his lips, Dash sped up and delivered a haymaker to his jaw, the super speed mixed with the momentum she had caused the guy to fly back a few feet. The other guy immediately swung at her head, Dash liked her speed in this situation for one good reason, whenever she went superfast everything for some reason moved in slow-mo. She dodged under the swing, wrenched the bat from the thug’s hand, and smacked him hard enough on the back to cause him to stumble.

The thug whipped around, “Who are you!?”

Dash grabbed his sleeve and ran in a super speed circle and let the guy go as he fell on his back, “My name is…”, she then remembered the word speedster and the symbol on her back, “Speedstar”

The elderly man stood up, “Thank you very much young lady, how can I repay you?”

Speedstar smiled and was about to speak until she remembered the lesson she learned during The Mysterious Mare Do Well incident, “It’s no problem dude..”, she heard the click of a cellphone camera behind her at the gas stations door, “just helping where I can”

She then sped away leaving a very grateful man to discipline the thugs while the cops showed up a few minutes later. Dash was laughing the whole time she continued her hyper speed patrol well into the night, at midnight she decided to quit. When she sped home she quickly changed back into her normal clothes and snuck in the house, however the lights flicked on revealing seven unimpressed faces in the living room.

Dash scratched the back of her head, “Hey, what’s up?”

Martin raised the sketch, “You tell me”

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