• Published 4th May 2012
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Martin's Unreal Life - CrypticMetaphor

Martin returns home after winter wrap, until The Six decide its time for them to cross over with him

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Chapter 5: We Built This City


Discord was having an absolute thrill ride of fun, without the elements influence around he had managed to escape his prison with ease. After he had accomplished this, he had immediately set his sights on eliminating two very annoying threats that were still present in Equestria. He soon made his presence known to the two princesses and for the first time ever; he was all business in terms of the encounter.

After he had arrived before the princesses they of course asked him how he got free, “Well its quite simple really, I got rather bored of being stone so I thought I would pop by for a visit and spread some chaos here and there to liven things up”

Before the princesses could even object, Discord snapped his fingers and summoned a bazooka type gun labeled, “Princess Away”, and fired a black magic ball laced with purple smoke that smacked into both of The Alicorn’s. When the smoke cleared, a stained glass window had two new additions to it in the form of two Alicorn’s with looks of horror on their faces.

Discord regarded the window for a second, “Hmmmm, the artwork isn’t half bad”, he then summoned up a beret with a silk scarf, “the message it purveys is quite extraordinary, it depicts the eternal struggle between the sun and moon, though minor as it may be”, he then shrugged as the articles of clothing vanished, “or maybe I just don’t know art”, he then appeared atop of the tallest tower on the castle and began to laugh like a maniac as cotton candy clouds appeared, “time for chaos to reign!!!!”


At that exact moment, Twilight Sparkle shivered slightly as she was held a spoon full of cheerios which caused Rarity to look at her with confusion, “Something wrong Twilight?”

Twilight shook her head slightly, “It’s nothing, just had a weird feeling something bad just happened”

Pinkie approached the table the six were sitting at, “I’ll say”, Pinkie then produced an empty carton of orange juice, and “we just ran out of orange juice”

Martin walked into the kitchen dressed in a loose black shirt and grey sports pants, “I’m surprised all of you aren’t dressed yet”

Rainbow put down her bowl after she finished drinking the milk, “What do you mean?”

Martin just looked at them all with a surprised expression, “I said I was going to show you guys around town remember?”

The second he said that, all of them immediately finished their food and ran off to get dressed. Martin picked up the phone the second they left and dialed Alan, after a couple of rings he picked up, he regretfully said he wouldn’t be able to go with Martin due to the fact that he had to work a shift that would take almost all day, but they both agreed to meet at Martin’s later when he was off work to have a get together with the girls.

Soon all of the six met him at the door, wearing some shoes he had also managed to buy, amazingly he had gotten the sizes right. He then gestured for them to exit ahead of him as they all embarked onto the front lawn. The six looked around in amazement at all of the new buildings and especially the cars that were parked on the street.

Twilight was currently examining a van with a look of utter scientific curiosity, “Martin, is this one of those cars you mentioned?”

Martin nodded, “yeah, pretty nice right?”

Twilight looked at him with a smile, “yes, I would love to examine one more closely, the things I could learn could put Equestria into….what was that term you used when you told me about them?”

Martin thought for a second, “Industrialization”

Twilight smiled with a gleam in her eyes as she began to think of the possibilities, but her moment was interrupted by Rainbow Dash who mock covered her ears in pain, “Your big words are hurting me, can we get a move on please?”

Martin smiled as he looked back at an annoyed Twilight and scratched the back of his head embarrassed, “Right”, he then clapped his hands together, “Let’s get underway”

They walked for a about a half an hour until they reached downtown, Martin made a sweeping gesture, his cities downtown district was essentially like times square, neon billboards and tall buildings complete with stores adorned the scene, “Welcome to the city ladies”

(Play this during the following until "End Montage" appears, if you want)

Martin first took the girls to the local mega mall, the second Rarity saw all the clothing stores her eyes lit up with glee, Twilight noticed a book store and followed her reaction, same with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow when they saw a novelty store, Fluttershy noticed a pet store with open playpens for the animals and went squee, AJ readjusted her hat when she noticed an arcade with pinball and various other competitive games. Martin noticed their reactions and sighed, he then handed them spending money to use, but he warned them that they would have to make it last for the entire day until he got paid at the end of the week.

They all agreed to meet in back at the entrance in two hours, and then they all walked off to their various places that caught their interests leaving Martin to sit on a bench, this lasted for a few seconds until Applejack grabbed his arm and dragged him toward the arcade with a determined smile, “Cmon Martin, you need ta show me how these things work”


(Pinkie Pie & Rainbow Dash)

When the two girls entered the establishment, they both smiled as they began to look through each isle at the various objects that adorned the shelves. Pinkie Pie turned around wearing a goblin mask and scared the hell out Dash who was busy examining the different variations of joy buzzers they had. They both shared a laugh as they continued looking at various other items of mischief and merriment.


Fluttershy was currently sitting in a play pen with four happy husky puppies; she was petting each one and humming a tune which was causing them to become very obedient.

However one of the larger puppies was picking on a smaller one which caused Fluttershy to scold it, “Now stop that right now”, the puppy looked straight at her….and obeyed which caused a great amount of confusion from one of the stores staff. A few minutes passed and the puppies were taken to the back for a bath, Fluttershy was about to leave when she felt several things grabbing at her ankles, she looked down and saw that one of the staff had put several small kittens in the pen when she wasn’t looking. She picked up a very fluffy white one with big blue eyes and looked right at it as it let out a soft “mew”, she then smiled as she gently nuzzled its nose with hers.


(Twilight Sparkle)

Twilight was currently browsing various sections of the bookstore looking at all of the books they had in all of the genres. She then settled on buying something known as the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, it consisted of four thick books. A friendly store member showed her she could buy all four in a box set to which Twilight did immediately, as she walked out of the store with the box set in the bag, a nine year old bumped into her legs causing both her and the child to drop.

Twilight immediately grabbed the contents of the bag that the girl had held, she gasped when she saw all of her friends including her brother and Cadance along with the words, “A Canterlot Wedding” on the cover of the DVD case she held, and the little girl had already grabbed Twilights boxset and was holding it up to her while apologising.

Twilight smiled at the girl as she handed the DVD back and the girl handed Twilights box set to her, Twilight then said with a kind tone, “This was a good choice, I hope you enjoy it”

The girl then looked up at her, “You’ve seen it?”

Twilight smiled back as she turned to walk, “You could say that”



Rarity was shaking her head as she looked at the sixtieth dress that the store she was in had to offer, this caused one of the female store clerks to walk over, “is there a problem miss?”

Rarity nodded as she pointed at a very nice white blouse which she pulled of the hanger, “yes, you see I want to buy this by I simply can’t”

The woman just looked at it, “miss, it’s perfectly fine”

Rarity just lightly chuckled, “darling, clearly you aren’t looking at it right”

Rarity then tapped right where the stitching for the sleeve met the shoulder, “see here, the stitch is doubled over”

The store clerk looked closely and a shocked expression appeared on her face, “well I’ll be damned”


(Martin & Applejack)

Martin was just staring wide eyed as AJ was stacking up points on the arcades pinball machine, and she was still on her first token. This amazing feat had gathered a small crowd of gamers who were egging her on to keep going, after about a few minutes, the ball finally plinked out and when it did several lights went off signaling she had broken the high score by several million points. She then was greeted by kudos from everyone present, as she inputted her initials.

Martin fist bumped her as she approached him, “Nice one AJ, truly you are the Pinball Wizard”

Applejack just shrugged, “wasn’t that hard, ah just kept hitting the ball in rhythm with the paddles, just like applebuckin back home wasn’t much of a challenge”

Martin then gave a sly smile, “well if you’re so confident, let’s see how you handle DDR”


After the two hours subsided, the group met up at the entrance and showed their individual purchases; Rarity had bought six different changes of clothes for the girls, Pinkie Pie had bought some prank supplies for her and Dash along with cake mix and an ice cream cake, Rainbow Dash on the other hand had bought some Marvel comic books with a bit of DC to mix things up. Fluttershy had only spent some money on an ice cream cone and a chocolate chip muffin. Applejack had a victorious stride which left a shocked Martin behind her at a much slower pace; he then informed them that it was time for a promise to be fulfilled.


Soon they were at the local movie theatre with tickets bought and snacks purchased, as they found their seats. It had taken them a while to decide on what to see, but eventually they came to a decision on seeing The Avengers; however Fluttershy bowed out and used her money to go see The Lion King 3D. Several factors contributed to them seeing The Avengers, Twilight wanted to see it because of the science and magic that would be feature, Rarity was in awe at the costumes, Pinkie wanted to see “the green guy”, Rainbow just wanted the action. So they all sat down and watched the opening scene.


(End montage)

After the movie ended they all left in high spirits and did more around town until the sun had set signaling their departure to home. However unbeknownst to any of them, three very nasty individuals had been tailing them waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Soon, the three men rushed up behind them and grabbed Martin and threw him to the ground, the six could only watch in shock as their friend was attacked. Applejack however snapped out of it and rushed up to the nearest one and grabbed a hand full of the thug’s shirt…and threw him clear across the street and into a parked car effectively denting it. AJ just looked at her hands in amazement, the second one went to attack her, but was stopped by a lavender colored aura which suspended him in mid-air, Twilights hand was covered in it for a few seconds until it extinguished, effectively dropping the thug on the pavement .

The third thug however managed to grab Martin’s wallet with a quick “screw this” and bolted as the six bent down to help their fallen friend. Martin pointed as the guy was reaching the end of the street; Rainbow immediately was in hot pursuit…and became a blur which slammed into the thug and zoomed back to her friends. Martin was at a complete loss for words at what just transpired, he suggested they just head home to sort things out.

After a long while of walking they saw Alan on the front door step of Martin’s house, “hey, what up everypony, took you all….what the hell happened?!”


After they all explained the situation, Alan just nodded, “So it seems that the energy of The Bridge did more than just turn you all human, AJ has maintained her freakish…”, AJ just fixed him with a look, “…I mean her incredible strength, Fluttershy seems to have maintained her ability to commune with animals, Twilight and Rarity can use magic, and Rainbow Dash is a speedster”

Rainbow just looked at him confused, “A what now?”

Alan sighed, “A speedster, a being with the ability of super speed, like The Flash”

Rainbow nodded with a smile as she leaned back, a plate of Pinkies ice cream cake levitating into her hand thanks to Rarity. After all the unpleasantness that had accrued, they all agreed to enjoy a nice night of watching a TV movie while eating Ice cream cake. When it was time for them to all sleep however, Dash was sitting at the kitchen table reading one of The Flash comic books she picked out, after she finished she tapped her fingers on the table as she became lost in thought. Eventually this transitioned to her finding some pencils and some loose paper, and she began to draw something, she may not be good at drawing as Rarity, but she always cranked out fan artwork of the wonder bolts back home. Soon she drew her human self the way it was now and hummed to herself, a thought of those thugs came into her mind as she remembered The Avengers movie and then she looked at the cover of The Flash.

A light bulb went off in her head, “Of course”, she then began to make some modifications to the sketch of herself, and she knew if she was going to stay on earth for a long time, it was time to take up a secret hobby…and she knew just what it was.

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