• Published 4th May 2012
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Martin's Unreal Life - CrypticMetaphor

Martin returns home after winter wrap, until The Six decide its time for them to cross over with him

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Chapter 3: Operation Washington

At the same time of Martin’s training reveal, a charter bus had pulled in at the station on the far side of the city; the driver turned his head to the only remaining passenger in the back who was currently watching Casshern Sins on his I-Pod, “Hey, your stop kid”

The kid had dark brown hair and dark blue eyes, he was lanky in build and was currently wearing a white shirt and dark blue jeans, and he was also wearing black runners and a black leather casual jacket. He nodded at the driver and grabbed his suitcase and walked to the steps of the bus and stared out at the familiar city, he checked the sports watch he wore and it read, 9:00am.

As the kid stepped off the bus, the driver then addressed him, “So you have anything in mind now that you’re here”

The kid turned and looked at the guy, “Yeah, I’m going to move back into my apartment, and then I’m seeing a friend”


Martin face palmed for the second time as Rainbow Dash smacked into Rarity and both tumbled down, Fluttershy was still hugging the wall trying to keep herself steady, Twilight was currently leaning on Pinkie’s shoulder for support and out of all of them Pinkie was practically skipping across the floor. A few minutes after he had said that there training was walking, he was expecting to take all day, Pinkie got it in less than ten minutes, it was currently 9:10 in the morning and he was still baffled how the pink haired human had managed it.

Martin then yelled at Rainbow who Pinkie was helping up, “Remember Dash, you’re figure and body are different now, so you need to readjust your centre of balance”

Dash just huffed as she stood, “Maybe this could be easier if I had my WINGS!”

Martin just rolled his eyes; he knew this would be a really long day, so he stood and walked into his kitchen and began to make himself a BLT while the six continued to stumble and fall and Pinkie continued to offer advice and words of encouragement.

When he came back, he just stared at the spectacle before him, “Uhhhh”

All of the six had their eyes closed and were locking hands and were currently standing on one foot in the crane style pose from The Karate Kid, “did I miss something?”

Pinkie opened one eye, “it’s nothing really, I’m just teaching them how to find their center, and I say after the next time-lapse we’ll have walking down”

Martin just raised an eyebrow as Rarity then opened her eye, “And Darling, could you please go out and get us some proper clothes, these ones are a little out there”

Martin was about to object but he tripped over his words, then he gave up and walked to the door and grabbed his coat, “Please don’t touch anything while I’m gone”, they all nodded in unison as Martin left and shut the door.


The kid was currently in his one bedroom apartment after the last guy from the storage depot dropped off his last box of stuff in the living room; he thanked the guy and proceeded to unpack his stuff. He pulled out a lot of DVDs, a few CDs and books, and a bunch of manga along with some anime season box sets, he then pulled out a picture of two fourteen year old kids on a stage of a talent show, he was on a drum set where as a dark auburn haired kid was shredding on an electric guitar and both wore smiles.

The kid just smiled at the memory as he continued to unpack his things, he then stopped for a second and popped a CD into his stereo which he had already set up as one of his favorite songs started playing .


Martin was completely stone faced when he opened his front door with many bags in his hands, the six all walked to meet him as he shut the door, “I got the clothes for you”

Rarity approached him, “why do you look so serious Martin?”

Martin then answered flatly, “When you shop for underwear of the opposite gender, the stares you get from said opposite gender causes you to look over your shoulder a lot while walking home”

He then handed individual bags to each of the six, when he handed rarity hers he motioned to the bag, “I bought one of everything in terms of makeup I could find, there’s eyeliner, eye shadow…”

He was cut off as Rarity brought him in for a tight hug; his face was burning red when his body made contact with hers, “Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!”

Martin was released from the hug as he just stood in place as all the smiling six walked into the bathroom leaving Martin with a completely red face responding with a weak, “your welcome”


A few seconds later the six walked out into the living room in there new clothes, Twilight wore a deep purple turtleneck sweater with black loose looking stretch pants, her hair had also been trimmed down to a few inches below her shoulder blades giving her a more bookish look. Fluttershy had on a loose dark lemon long-sleeved shirt and a dark brown skirt that reached down to her ankles and her hair had been neatly trimmed so it looked a bit more presentable instead of inhumanly long. Applejack wore dark blue jeans and a dark orange button up shirt with T-Shirt sleeves, she even wore a red band to keep her hair in a ponytai along with a dark brown stetson. Pinkie Pie was wearing dark pink jeans with a white T-shirt complete with horizontal red lines; her hair was shorter but still looked the same way it always did. Dash was sporting a whit muscle shirt with dark navy blue sport pants with white vertical lines going down the center of each pant leg; she was also wearing black fingerless gloves that martin had found on his way out of the store, her hair was shortened only slightly, but maintained its look. Rarity wore a white cotton button up dress shirt and black bell bottom pants, the make-up she had on perfectly reflected the way she wore it as a pony, she had also trimmed her hair as well to make it shorter and presentable along with styling it the way she wanted, which was exactly the way it had been when she first arrived.

All of them twirled and struck a pose while saying at once, “What do you think?”

Martin nodded with a satisfied smile, “you all look fantastic”

They all surprise hugged him as Martin raised his hands in the air to maximize his new “NO TOUCHY” mantra. As they all shared a laugh at the expense of the blushing Martin, there was a knock on the front door. The girls got off of him as he stood up and motioned for them to hide, to which they all reluctantly did.

Martin was confused to say the least, he wasn’t expecting anyone today but he might as well answer the door as not to seem rude, when he opened it a familiar face was smiling at him.

Martin just stared at the kid in the casual leather coat that was his exact age, “Alan?”

Alan smiled back at Martin, “Hey dude, what up?”

Martin raised his fist to which Alan bumped his own against, “I thought you had to work in Detroit because of your job, what happened, you get fire?”

Alan shook his head, “Got promoted to the shipping department, I got to choose which branch to operate from and I chose this one”

Martin nodded, “sweet, I’m current supervisor of my job and I’ll take over the business when my boss retires”

Alan gave a nod of respect, “Well look at you Marty, moving up in the world”, he then scratched the back of his head, “So what have you been up to as of late?”

Martin paused for a moment and reflected, he then grinned slightly, “you wouldn’t believe me even if I told you”

Alan raised an eyebrow, “Riiiight, so can I come in or what?”

All of a sudden there was a bang as all six girls rolled into view behind Martin, they were hiding at first but when they heard Martin talking to Alan they all wanted to see what he looked like.

Pinkie sat up and waved, “HI!”

All of the six immediately grabbed Pinkie and ran back into the living room as Martin leaned against the doorway pretending that what happened didn’t happen, “So, nice weather were having huh?”

Alan just gave him a stern look, “Dude, why didn’t you say anything before”

Martin frantically waved his hands, “It’s not what you think, and I’m not into that sort of stuff”

Alan shook his head, “No, I meant why you didn’t tell me you had The Mane Six in your house, I mean I’ve heard of cosplayers hanging with brony’s, but dude”, he raised his hand, “welcome to the herd you’re going to be legendary”

Martin just looked at Alan’s hand, “What the hell is a Brony?”

Alan lowered his hand and rolled his eyes, “You really don’t know do you, it’s all over the internet, IT’S A freaking lifestyle!”

Martin just shook his head, “You know I don’t go on the internet for that kind of stuff, or meme’s or new lifestyle choices, I only look for intellectual stuff”

Alan responded very flatly, “A cat with a pop tart for a body leaving a rainbow trail and going Nyan for ten hours is not intellectually stimulating, it kills brain cells”

Martin just answered quickly, “Hey, it totally is!!”

Alan waved the comment off, “Whatever, when do I get to meet ponies”

Martin started to sweat a bit, “What ponies, there are no ponies here, just six girls I met in a Starbucks”, Alan just stared at him, “WHO LOVE BRIGHT COLOURS AND UNIQUE HAIRSTYLES!!”

Alan’s expression turned to a “not buying it one”, “you made me do this dude”, Alan then inhaled deeply and yelled into the house, “You reach your right hoof in, You reach your right hoof out, You reach your right hoof in And you shake it all about, You do the Pony Pokey meeting lots of folks with clout!”

Pinkie then jumped passed Martin and landed on her knees in front of Alan as she sang the last line, “That's what I'm talking about!!”

Alan gave a satisfied smirk at Martin as Pinkie stood up and began to shake Alan’s hand, Martin sighed in defeat as he ushered Alan inside, and soon both Martin and Alan walked into the living room with Pinkie in tow.

Alan just stared wide eyed at the humanized ponies, “By the powers that be, this is cool”

Martin gestured at Alan, “Girls allow me to introduce Alan Washington, my friend I told you about”

Alan looked at Martin with surprise, “You told them about me?”

Rarity walked to Alan and shook his hand, “I am Rarity, and it’s so nice to finally meet you Alan”

Fluttershy did the same, “I’m Fluttershy, and any friend of Martin’s is a friend of mine”

Twilight was next, “I’m Twilight Sparkle, and it is very nice to meet you”

Pinkie Pie was still shaking Alan’s other hand, “Pinkie Pie’s the name, parties are my game…well that and twister and scavenger hunts OH! And pulling pranks…”

She was silenced by Rainbow, “Yeah, if you didn’t realize it by now her names Pinkie Pie”, she then pointed to herself, “But my name is the ever so awesome..”

Alan finished for her, “Rainbow Dash, the fastest and most coolest and awesome flyer in Equestria”

Rainbow nodded a bit confused, “you’ve heard of me?”

Alan smiled, “Who hasn’t”

Rainbow examined her nails, “I know right”

Alan turned to look at Martin, “Dude how in the name of Celestia’s flowing mane did this happen?”

The ponies looked really confused at the human when Martin answered, “you might want to sit down, it’s a long story”

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