• Published 4th May 2012
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Martin's Unreal Life - CrypticMetaphor

Martin returns home after winter wrap, until The Six decide its time for them to cross over with him

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Chapter 4: Ponies & Brony's

Martin had been explaining his situation to Alan all day; soon night had fallen by the time he had finished, “…and that’s pretty much it”.

Alan just rubbed his chin in thought as he nodded, “seems reasonable enough, although I just have one question”

Martin just leaned forward, “Yeah?”

Alan then whispered in his ear, “Have you hit on any of them yet?”

Martin took on a confused and shocked expression, “WHAT!?”

Alan smiled, “just messing with you dude”

Martin just stared at his friend with a completely neutral expression as Alan stood up, “not cool”

Alan regarded his friend and the six for a moment, “I believe its time that I fill you in on what exactly a brony is”

Alan gestured for the six to follow; he had read enough Fanfics to know that it was best for them to discover the truth of their existence on Earth sooner rather than later.

Martin gestured for the six to enter his room first as he stopped Alan, “I’m just kind of curious dude, how exactly did you instantly know that the girls were six ponies?”

Alan just shrugged, “I have watched the show enough to pretty much know their individual quirks and personality traits along with their voices, and trust me when I say, no one on earth can do THAT good of an impression of their voices”

Martin was about to ask something further but Alan stopped it, “Also, I’ve also read enough, “Mane Six gets turned into humans” stories to get a pretty good idea of what their appearances are like in human form”

Martin gave a half smile, “so you’re saying that no matter what I said at the door, you knew it was them immediately upon seeing them?”

Alan then replied in a low voice as he entered Martin’s room, “eeyup”

Alan booted up the computer and began to explain what the internet was and essentially what its main function was, this caused Rainbow to yawn in both boredom and in exhaustion. Soon Alan pulled up a webpage he used to watch all the seasons of MLP, but first he cautioned them that viewing episodes may be a little…odd. He then showed their fight against Nightmare and then the one with Discord, Alan then further explained that a woman by the name of Lauren Faust created the show and it’s been running for a while now. All of this caused the six to go silent at the fact that their adventures, their very lives, were all just a fictional story that was shown to all on Earth.

Twilight broke the awkward silence, “so what you’re saying is that in your world, our daily lives and struggles are nothing more than entertainment to you?”

Alan took on a slightly hurt expression, “When you say it like that you make humans sound like jerks, but that’s sort of how it is here”

Twilight and the six took on hurt and annoyed expressions at this revelation, Twilight was about to say something until Alan raised a quick hand, “STOP!, wait a second”

He then pulled up Equestria Daily and showed them various discussions and votes that took place concerning the six and all other things in Equestria. Alan went on to explain that their lives and the lessons they had taught each other had inspired an entire new generation of people and a new fandom which was currently taking the world by storm.

Alan gestured to a board he pulled up that described various people’s opinions on who their favorite pony was, “Plus, many people think all of you and your friends are amazing and express this through different ways be it in literature”, at literature he pulled up FiMfiction and was sure to turn off the mature filter as not to make them feel more awkward, “or through art”, he then pulled up very well done pictures of various ponies.

Rarity just looked in amazement, “So many admirers and fans, dear me, I feel so…I don’t even know words to describe it”

Rainbow was jumping up and down, “YES! Even on another world I’m STILL as awesome as ever!!”

Fluttershy was smiling as she read various reasons why she was adored by fans of both genders, luckily there was no explicit post

Twilight was very intrigued by one post she read, “What does it mean by “Twilight is totally bookish cute?”

Alan just smiled, “Its just another way of saying you’re an awesome pony”

Twilight blushed slightly as the full meaning was made clear to her, AJ however was looking a little insulted at one post, “What in tarnation does this feller mean, “Applejack’s cuteness factor is the fact that she is country and has an accent”

Alan just meekly shrugged, “some people are weird like that”

Pinkie was busy writing down different party ideas on a notepad that people had posted, “Hmmm, load the party cannon with cupcakes, WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!!! “

After a while of reading, they all agreed to call it a night and soon Alan shut the computer off, they all then gathered in the living room as Martin addressed the matter at hand, “Alright, now we need to figure out where you all can sleep”

Alan spoke first, “I would offer for a few of them to sleep at my place, but I don’t have enough room"

Martin nodded, “Ok, now I know all of you are scared being on a new world and all, so I won’t make you all sleep in a dark room, for now I’ll move a few things around out here so you all have room, you all see the pajamas I got you in the bags?”, The Six nodded as Martin continued, “Ok then, I’ll go grab some sleeping bags and the two inflatable mattresses in the upstairs hall closet while you all change”

Rarity looked slightly offended, “You’re going to make me sleep on the floor like a common house pet?”

Martin gave her a reassuring look, “until I figure stuff out”

Rarity sighed dramatically as she walked off to get changed with the rest of the girls except Rainbow Dash who stayed behind as Martin walked upstairs leaving her and Alan alone, she looked Alan straight in the eye, “So you’re a Brony right?”

Alan nodded with a nervous smile, “ummm…yeah, why?”

Rainbow smiled slightly, “Oh no reason, I just wanted to ask who your favorite pony was”

Alan was looking a little nervous at the question, but he looked into the eyes of the rainbow haired girl and the way they looked into his seemed to calm him, “well truthfully, when it comes down to it, my number one favorite is…”

Rarity then yelled from the other room, “Rainbow Dash, you’re not going to sleep in your new clothes are you?”

Rainbow raised a finger at him in an “I’ll take a rain check” gesture as she walked into the other room leaving Alan who then let out a sigh. Soon Martin walked down stairs with the sleeping supplies and began to set them up with Alan’s assistance. After they finished, the girls came into the living room and were all dressed in plain white pj’s that looked exactly the same. Alan soon bid them a fond farewell as he departed, leaving Martin with the six girls who were already preparing to sleep, some of them had sleeping bags, and the others had spare comforters.

Martin looked at them all as they all sat in their make shift beds, “Ok, since you girls are going to be staying here for a while, I’m going to show you all the things I promised starting tomorrow”

All of them smiled at their human friend as he turned out the lights and began to head upstairs, “if you all need anything, I’m upstairs, okay?”

They all nodded as they all laid down and began to slowly drift off to sleep, dreaming of Equestria and all of their friends that they missed.


Martin had gotten up early the next morning to make the six and him some breakfast and to get started on showing them around town. As he came into the living room, he noticed all of the human ponies fast asleep, some were resigned to regular sleeping positions; Rainbow, AJ and Pinkie however were splayed about as limbs poked out of various sections of the comforters that covered them. Martin began to gingerly wade his way through the sleeping girls, until he tripped on Dash’s foot and fell into the kneeling position as to not awaken them. His sigh of relief was cut short as he was booted in the backside by a sleeping Applejack which caused him to tip over; he instinctively shut his eyes as he hit something.

Martin opened his eyes… and realized he was currently face down in Rarity’s chest, he immediately locked eyes with a now shocked and embarrassed Rarity, both of their faces were burning red when he spoke, “uhhh… good morning”

Rarity sat up which caused Martin to get to his knees in front of her, she looked him dead in the eye, “Darling, I didn’t realize you were so forward, but you must know that I have a reputation to uphold as a lady, therefore I will ask you not to breathe a word of this to anypony”

Martin nodded quickly as he stood up and ran into the kitchen and dialed Alan’s phone number, Alan picked up immediately and said, “Welcome to the herd bro”

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