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Bombastic Bookpony's Bazaar of Oneshots - Bombastic Bookpony

A collection of oneshots, mostly from Thirty Minute Ponies

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Nightmare Night (Fluttershy and Luna, Comedy)

Fluttershy relaxed on her nice, comfortable, non-scary couch. This year’s Nightmare Night would be perfectly fright free. She hated this holiday. Last year was only slightly better than usual because she made a new friend, but it still scared her halfway to death. Nope, this year would be calm, relaxing. Perfect. Nothing could go wro-

Loud, hurried knocks hit the door. Why did I think that I jinxed it stupid Fluttershy stupid!

“Friend Fluttershy! We need your help! Please open thy door!” the regal voice of Princess Luna begged. Fluttershy relaxed. It’s just a friend. Luna doesn’t dress any differently this night. It’s ok. She trotted over to the door, put on a welcoming smile, and opened it …

To be hit by a ball of confetti that Luna barely managed to dodge.

“Curses! Me canon missed those landlubbers!” a gruff, yet strangely familiar, voice called from above.. “Reload the cannon, me first mate!” Fluttershy drowsily opened her eyes to see Pinkie and Pipsqueak in pirate outfits on Twilight’s balloon, seemingly preparing to fire again. I hate Nightmare Night!

Luna picked Fluttershy off the ground. “My friend, a terrible thing has transpired. For some reason, our friends have been acting out their costumes! I cannot tell you how awkward it felt to be propositioned by ponies in bunny outfits!”

“I-I,” Fluttershy squeaked out, only to be interrupted by a cackle from above.

“I smell fresh pony blood, and not from the pink pirate! Far too much sugar from my taste!” Rarity? Her voice appeared to be coming out a bat. “But you two, yes. You shall be most fitting as my first pony feast!”

“First Mate Pipsqueak! We have that demon of Tartarus attacking again! Let us send it back to whence it came!”

“Aye aye Pinkie!” Pipsqueak fired the cannon at the bat, but Rarity deftly avoided it.

“Fine! I shall deal with you first!” She flew up to the balloon and morphed back to pony form, and landed gracefully between them. The pirates drew their swords and charged at the vampire.

“I-I...” I hate Nightmare Night!

“This is not the worst of it, Fluttershy. Neigh, these are the easy ones.”

As if to confirm Luna’s words, a dark voice rang from her roof. “Evildoers, desist. Your terrorizing of the innocent ponies of Ponyville ends tonight! For I! AM! BATMARE!” Twilight glided to the balloon, throwing a batarang that caused Pipsqueak to accidentally swerve the balloon towards Fluttershy’s and Luna’s direction.

Paralyzed by fear and disbelief, Fluttershy could only utter one thing. “I HATE NIGHTMARE NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!”

Author's Note:

Prompt #22: Pinkie Pie becomes a pirate. Who is her first mate, and whom do they plunder?

This is just a series of events, really, but it’s still moderately entertaining. Particularly Shy repeating her hatred of Nightmare Night, poor thing.

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