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A collection of oneshots, mostly from Thirty Minute Ponies

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Sweet Music (ApplePie, Romance)

Applejack went through the doors of Sugarcube Corner with a smile on her face, a fiddle on her back, and a harmonica in her hat. When you're a hardworking farmpony, relaxation and creative hobbies are nice to have. This day was her favorite of the week.

“Pinkie’s already in the basement!” Mr. Cake called from the counter.

“Thanks!” Applejack called back, already halfway there. She opened that door and descended into that mostly soundproof basement. When she reached the bottom, she found Pinkie tuning her instruments. It didn’t take long for that pony to look up, and Applejack swore that the way Pinkie’s face lit up at seeing her made the day worth it all by itself.

“AJ! You made it!”

“C’mon, Pinkie Pie,” she chuckled, “you know I’d never miss this.”

“Oh, I know! That doesn’t make me any less super happy when you do show up though!” It was Pinkie’s usual happy talk. She was glad to hang out with anypony. But Applejack couldn’t deny the light feeling in her chest that would inevitably rise up when Pinkie said things like that. She quickly cleared her mind of such thoughts. Their jam sessions were not the place for such things.

“I got my fiddle and my harmonica. I’m ready to play whatever you want on your mark, Pinks.”

“Awesome! Let’s see, what combination should we do today! I got my trumpet, my drums, my accordion, my-”

“How about I play my fiddle and you play your banjo? I wanna work on that song we were doing before. I think it’s a keeper.” Applejack knew how Pinkie could get when she was excited ‘bout something, and no matter how cu- entertaining it would be, Applejack wanted as much music time as possible. It wouldn’t be too long before she’d be needed back at the farm for some reason or other.

“You got it, AJ!” She picked up the banjo, strapped it over her neck, and had her hooves at the ready. Applejack quickly readied her instrument as well. “You ready?” Applejack nodded. “Okay, one. Two. Three. Go!” And they were off. As her hooves moved across her instrument, Applejack couldn’t help but drift back to her thoughts. She had thought herself the only musician in this ragtag family of theirs. But then Pinkie came in like a hurricane, blowing all those parasprites out of their town with a whirlwind with instruments. After a show like that, Applejack couldn’t resist asking that pony to make some sweet music(not that type of music, don’t think about that Applejack) with her. And the music made in that first session was amazing. The music they made weren’t prim and proper and fancylike like somepony like Rarity might’ve preferred. It was passionate, wild, energetic.

Just like a fire. A fire that had been bubbling in AJ for quite some time. That pink pony was one of a kind. She threw caution to the wind, she tasted rainbows just because, she could predict the future yet not worry a smidge about it. She lived without worrying about profits or the family or the farm. She was beautiful, especially when she played. Pinkie was belting out some assortment of lyrics, but Applejack was too distracted to catch the exact words. Pinkie gave herself to the music. She devoted every last bit of energy to playing. Look at her and you’d see having the most fun you’ve ever seen anypony have in their live. She tapped her feet, swung her head, and hollered real loud. She wasn’t the most refined musician, nor the most technical.

But Applejack doubted there was anypony in Equestria who loved music as much as her. And seeing those deep blue eyes aflame with happiness and passion, well, that was the greatest time Applejack could think of. Finally, they ended their song, and as the music died down Pinkie yelled out a loud “Yeehaw!” Applejack gave her a curious look.

“Sorry, was that your line?” Pinkie looked the tiniest bit sheepish.

“It is, but with a voice like yours I don’t mind sharing it.” Skirting dangerously close to flirting there, Applejack.

“AJ!” Pinkie giggled. “Stop being such a sweetie pie! I’m the only Pie around here! You stick to apples, missy!” They laughed together for a moment. “So, Applejack. Do you think we have something here?”

And seeing that sweetie pie look at her as though she was hanging on every word, as though the all of Equestria was gone and it was just the two of them in the whole wide world, well, it made her heart pitter patter. Ah, forget it. I’ve never been the most patient and subtle type anyway. “I think we do, Pinkie.”

Then she pulled that pony right in for the darn best kiss of her life.

Author's Note:

Prompt #70: Pinkie Pie shows Applejack a good time.

More Fluuuuuuff. I must’ve been in a mood. I actually really like this too. It’s sweet, and i think I found a magic in the dynamic. And I like my AJ here.

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