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Rhythm's Game (World Ends With You Theme) - Rhythm The Music Mare

Going to be a alternating version of the World Ends With You game with different characters taking over the main cast

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Day 2 Week 1 Reaper Report

Discord had finished reading the report, and nodded 551 ponies left leaving a erasure rate of 56% which was good, his plan had worked however he only had 5 days left and now was rest with the competent players who would take longer to remove, Discord decided a ambush was needed for the 3rd day to remove a good 50 players.


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Comment posted by rhythmlight deleted Jul 23rd, 2014
Comment posted by rhythmlight deleted Jul 23rd, 2014

Liking and Disliking rules, don't like or dislike unless you've actually played the game otherwise your all going to be like wtf is even going on? and then dislike it which isn't really fair, that or i get to bump my own story XD.

and i belive a admin banned my main account for getting a sucessful submision from another admin XD, anyway back to the story

was going to add pictures but can't find any which is a problem, might have to create several art pages of my ponies and whatnot XD, mybae the boss battles on the 7th day of every week but not so sure, anyway will just edit this post with my new chapters until some admin unbans me, *writes letter to owner again*



[Chapter's in current editing]

Day 2 Week 1 Reaper Report ยท

[Chapters not finished]

All of them

[Chapters which im ading more detail]

All of Them

[Chapter's which i've only done the spellcheck and grammar check on]

Prologue-Rhythm's End (WIP)


all chapters are WIP so come back in the week and i should have finished week 1 and be doing the spell check onto them XD.

Day 2 Week 1 Reaper Report

Reaper Report 2

800 Players Remaining from Reaper Report 1
551 players Remining after Mission Complete
54 Players Erasued from Noise
92 Players Erasued from Soul noise
100 Players Erasued from Reapers
0 Players Erasued from Taboo Noise
3 Players Eraused from Unkown Origin
Erasure Rate 56%

End Of Report

Discord had finished reading the report, and nodded 551 ponies left leaving a erasure rate of 56% which was good, his plan had worked however he only had 5 days left and now was left with the competent players who would take longer to remove. Discord frowned over the 3 players that were erasued from a unkown origin however he wouldn't mention it unless this number creaped up in future reports, it was probally a anomaly from the reaper that finished the report. Discord decided a change of tactic was needed, he decided to go on the offensive and use a ambush was needed fto remove the rest of the players. Discord snorted before levitating a scroll towards him, "lets give Pinkie and Rarity a intresting side mission" he mumbled as he wrote the order.

Reaper Harrier
Rarity and Twilight

Your orders for tommorow are to use noise against players who entre the galloping gorge, the tightness of this area will allow you to visually see any players that pass you, also have a suport on standby to close off the area for Vanhoover, the players will spawn in the Frozen north and i will set the timer for 60 minutes.

This mission will result in the 100% player erasure rate since it would take around 150 minutes to clear the wall, dodge the reaper and noise along with the distance the ponies will need to travel. Rhythm has no idea about this or the set mission since she has distanced herself from the last two days of missions however make sure she does not hear of this plan otherwise you will face erasure



After Discord had finished writing this message and sent it he burned the scroll up removing any evidence of his mis-deeds, he then picked up the report with his telekinesis and carried it to the Conductor's chambers, this would put Rhythm in a good mood and after he told her of his cunning plan about a full erasure rate by tommorow she should be impressed and he would be the perminant Game Master.



hmm Leo means lion and since he is a mathematical wiz i might need to find a character that is like that in mlp

and since my main accounts banned I can't really finish the story off but meh ill go work on my Fallout story with Rhythm as the Conductor, but theirs going to be planning on my part so i don't finish a crap story which everyone hates

here the full list of the character's, I've got them perfectly XD


Neku Sakuraba: Played by Rainbow Dash

Shiki: Played by Fluttershy

Joshua: Played by Celestia (Player Form)

Beat (week 1+3): Played by Big McIntosh

Rhyme: Played by AppleJack

Sota: Played by Shining Armour

Nao: Played by Princess Cascade


Koki Kariya: Played by Silver Spoon

Uzuki Yashiro: Played By Diamond Tiara

777: Played by Scootaloo

BJ: Played by Sweetie Belle

Tenho: Played by Apple Bloom

Futoshi (tech): Played by Babs Seed

Beat (week 2-3): Played by Big McIntosh

Game Masters

Yodai Higashizawa (week 1): Played by Lord Tirek

Sho Minamimoto (week 2): Played by Discord

Mitsuki Konishi (week 3): Played by Sunset Shimmers


Megumi Kitaniji: Played by Rhythm (my OC)


Yoshiya Kiryu: Played By Princess Celestia


Sanae Hanekoma: Played By Twilight Sparkle

Other Side Characters

Ken Doi (Ramen Don): Played by Trixie

Makoto (Shadow Ramen): Time Turner

Ai: Lyra Heartstrings

Mina: Sweetie Drops

Eiji Oji: Played by Prince Blueblood

Shuto Dan: Played by Snails

Itaru Yokoyamada: Played by Snips


and found a video as well, great this work is going well


Rhythm The Music Mare

Conductor Of RG

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