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Rhythm The Music Mare

Im Called Rhythm A Blue Music Mare Who Is Kind Of Mischievous


Updates And Shiz XD · 10:01pm Jul 11th, 2014

I will be doing updates here and other stuff

currently im working on my 'Rhythm The Music Pony's Adventure' story, it can be found here (i hope XD)


and anything else i will say below XD

Thanks for reading



Made a good start on my first two chapters of the story but paused the third until i get all the facts stright

Will start colour coding to characters and increase detail

[Update 2]

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1290604 Ooo! Please do tell what happened?

Oh look, another alt that got banned. Along with six others. And once again, you make no sense at all.

...My god. This would be almost amusing, if it wasn't so horribly pathetic.



Oh no, not a TF2 ban which i never play XD

It was this, spin me right round or omen and that didn't fit XD


Conductor Of RG

You... are quite the special case, I see. Oh well, best be getting to work...



i was reading the first comment and thought it was first, sorry i read the page upwards XD

anyway this is my main account and my alt is closed so no more ban evasion and the ban is gone along with my story

now my backup on word means wil ltake me ages to fininish the layout and recolouring of my story has gone to shit

really not my day is it

  • Viewing 11 - 15 of 15
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