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Rhythm The Music Mare

Im Called Rhythm A Blue Music Mare Who Is Kind Of Mischievous

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Updates And Shiz XD · 10:01pm Jul 11th, 2014

I will be doing updates here and other stuff

currently im working on my 'Rhythm The Music Pony's Adventure' story, it can be found here (i hope XD)


and anything else i will say below XD

Thanks for reading



Made a good start on my first two chapters of the story but paused the third until i get all the facts stright

Will start colour coding to characters and increase detail

[Update 2]

Banned for 8 days by a butthurt admin and then unbanned by owner because i was only banned for 1 day

so back to the story which im resubmitting since the admin told me i can submit

wait don't the rules say no two stories, so admin says i can break a rule?


[Update 3]

since im in a rather aroused mood atm im going to start on the romantic side of the story about Rhythm and Thorax, but lets see how it goes

[Update 4]

going to be away for two days meaning that i won't be able to do anymore of my story for awhile.

[Update 5]

Back and got my 1st story approved by moderators, you can see it here


waiting for another to be accepted by moderators can can see it here


however going to work on my approved one until finished

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[Update 6]

some admin banned me again for 3 days for passing the moderator submition

rolls eyes, anyway back to Week 1 Day 2 Reaper Report

yeah im having a slight disagreement with Kingsly atm and currently my accounts been banned for 3 weeks, so thats why i can't get on it and make more parts of the story

i shall see what happens however if it comes to it then i will make a alt with a proxy and finish off these two stories, i've got them backed up just in case but i don't think it will get that far

I'm currently working on my reaper reports and expanding them, however they will take some time and much editing on my part, but enjoy reading my stuff so far, when i've perfected my 1st week then i shall post the whole report here


Rhythm The Conductor

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