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Is this inspired by Discord in Hell (Not Literally) by alarajrogers?


4632254 sorry, I don't know what else to write. It finished.

Wait no... I got it! *Blows up wall with C4 in Discord's nightmare.*
"WHO ARE YOU?!" Discord yells
"Your savior." I say and grab him.
*Discord wakes up in the real world.*
"WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!" He said looking at Twi and Fluttershy.
I stand outside the window and see he is back with Fluttershy again
"Mission Accomplished."

4632346 Well that's my sequel, everyone!

4632290 what!?No I want to read more

The formatting was a bit odd and there was some iffy grammar here and there, but this was very enjoyable overall. I gave it a like. The scenes remind me of the kind of torture described in The Inferno, particularly in the Seminary of Dis. If you ever need inspiration for torture scenes, read The Inferno or watch the first two HOSTEL movies. :pinkiecrazy:

My gosh, have I started something? Is my story the new "Cupcakes" and everyone's going to write their own version? :-)

As for a sequel, I can see some obvious ways to do it. Consider this: MLP has a canonical character whose job it is to go into ponies' dreams and fight nightmares. Might Luna be able to do anything about this? And this is such an obviously abnormal dream, it strikes me as an attack of some sort. Either someone is trying to torture Discord (maybe for revenge), or someone is trying to set him up to murder the Mane 6 (let him wake at just the right moment and he might kill them all before realizing he's woken up... is that the plan?) Who would have the ability to do such a thing, and will the ponies be able to figure it out and free him from the dream before it's too late?

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