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I'm a brony. I write stories. Not much else to say right now, I'm afraid, except that I dream that my FanFics will become super popular.


Equestria is holding it's first conference of the world. Every country is going to be there, maybe even ones ponies haven't heard of.

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You know, a crossover of this sort was probably inevitable eventually. But you know, as much as I love Hetalia and ponies alike, this really doesn't meld well. Sure, some of the puns were pretty funny ('Prance' absolutely killed me, just saying), but at the same time I can't help but feel that a different approach could have been taken to make this run a lot smoother. It doesn't help that you've essentially just taken the first segment of the first episode and just played around with the script.

If I were doing a crossover involving these two series; I would play it more as an HiE type of storyline, or the other way around. You could also use the human equivalents to the nation-tans themselves just to give yourself some more flexibility. It'd be kind of awkward if Italy, Germany and Japan were to waltz into Equestria, but I could see it working a little better with Feliciano, Ludwig and Kiku. Better yet, why not have Britain/Arthur go interact with ponies? It'd make the most logical sense considering that he already has canonical ties to mythical creatures, like the almighty flying mint bunny.


You'd have to be walking a fine, fine line in order to make these two series sandwich together. It's hard, but if you take the effort... I could see some potential. You just have to put a good bit of effort into it.

461480 I could start a mini-series with your statement. I think I'll use it! Thanks for the advice!

FINALLY! An Hetalia crossover with FiM! I didn't have enough time to write it. Can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:
BTW: How will Briton see mythical creatures?

Meow goes the moocow, @mobius of the moon:pinkiecrazy:.so if you think that if i can sing, you want me at the Gala to eat cake? Put up with the crap from the Moon so the sun can rise again, Chief!:pinkiegasp:(GASP) i just remember-ed, I left my house on fire!
:applejackunsure: that guy has plumb gone off his rocker!
:rainbowderp:And I thought Pinkie was crazy...
:fluttershyouch:Im scared.
:duck:Dear, it seems you need Psychiatric help.Please, let me call doctor Uris for you!

I LOVE YOU :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: You have made my life complete :scootangel:

Anyway this is a great idea, I can't believe I hadn't thought of this.:raritydespair:


A pleasure to be of assistance~

Ooh, your question. As a total nerd I feel compelled to answer it for you. :pinkiecrazy:
Britain is known for being a hub of well-known folklore as well as classic literature, and Hetalia portrays that by having Arthur able to see unicorns and the like. It's playing off the stereotype that English people in general have over-active imaginations. You get the same effect with America being friends with Tony, considering that the U.S is well known for it's fascination with Area 51 and all that.

Nice. :twilightsmile: I enjoyed it very much.:rainbowlaugh:


Finally my dream of reading this type of cross-over has come true :pinkiehappy:

Also instead of mythical creatures Briton will see humans instead :rainbowlaugh:

HETALIANS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yay::pinkiehappy:

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