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I'm a brony. I write stories. Not much else to say right now, I'm afraid, except that I dream that my FanFics will become super popular.


Mr. and Mrs. Cake are holding a Hearth's Warming party at Sugercube Corner, and this party has been advertised for quie some time. Pinkie has been looking forward to this party since Apple Jack's Sisterhooves Social, and she has been inviting every pony she's met when she heard the news. Now every pony she knows has been invited except Twilight. Will Twilight make it?

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Good read, it looks like it's only going to get more interesting and hijinx will ensue! Huzzah. There were a few misc. errors here and there by the way. I reccomend going back through it and fixing them. If you'd like I can send a pm about what I found, but I digress.

You've got my track. A solid 4.0 from me.

77586 Actually, I would very much appreciate your help if you could show me where the errors are. I like a little teamwork :twilightsmile:


Righto! Let me go through it again and get back to you on that.

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