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The Lake Shore division of the Canterlot & North Western cuts through the fertile farmlands and lush green pastures of the Great Plains. Dotted with beautiful lakes, the rolling landscape would seem to be an ideal country in which to railroad. The seasons were so definite that one never tired of the changing scenery; and yet the winters were so severe that only the stoutest could endure their hardships. This vigorous and interesting railroad is the background for this story, which witnesses steam at the height of its glory and sees the coming of the Diesel.

This story is based on my grandfather's experiences working for the Chicago & North Western Railroad out of Neenah (pronounced knee-nah), Wisconsin, so the scenery is based on my home state. I hope others from Wisconsin who read this will recognize the locations, even though some will have different names.
Teen for language.
Now humanized.

Chapters (4)
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This...this is completely awesome. :pinkiegasp:
I really the name that you name your character Berkshire because the name is actually a real locomotive. The sentence is very smooth flowing, and the material in this story is absolutely wonderful.

You just got a like and a favorite from me. Keep at it!

4552698 Like I said, this is based on my grandfather's experiences. I'm thinking of humanizing the story, because one chapter's plot includes firebox culinary. (read steak)

Kudos to your grandfathers experiences for making an awesome story.:rainbowdetermined2:

4552771 He was known as "Buddy" Williams. His first son, my great-uncle, wrote a book called "Life on a Locomotive." You should read it. Basically, this is some of the book, with a little thrown in. Buddy was my great-grandfather, but not the one who's loco is in my profile picture. That is a Soo Line engine.
On a completely unrelated note, how would one ponify "Soo Line"?

Author's Note:
So, how did I do so far?


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