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I'm a horridly slow writer, please forgive me. ^^;


The simplest things are usually the ones with the most meaning, something that a librarian unicorn and a farm stallion both end up learning.

- Although more characters appear here, I just indicated the two main characters of the story. :)
- Written at the request of Caramelmlp on DeviantArt. :)
- Probably my longest fanfiction to date. Haha!
- I just had to add the epilogue even if it wasn't part of the original request! I JUST HAD TO. ^_^

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This one is such a good read! Short, but well written with a nice epilogue that made me d'aww.:twilightsmile:

Aww.... you just made my morning. :eeyup::twilightsmile: It is very sweet and has a good plot, and epilogue was good as well. I hope to see more TwiMac in the future, and perhaps a multi-chapter one as well. ~Celestia's Paladin

Beautiful, just beautiful. And that epilogue...:twilightsmile:

You are quickly becoming one of my favorite (fanfic) writers.

That was sooo sweet. but a little odd hearing twilight call some one sugarcube lol


I think it is one of the sweet Twimac stories I have ever read!

That was beautiful. I wished you would have gotten more chapters in though! This would have been awesome if it continued.

This is some amazing TwiMac. Simple but very nice. Shame about the legnth.

wonderful twimac just one thing, Celestia what do you have on your mind putting a glass case with rare books in the middle of a pinkie party :rainbowhuh:


My heart.

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