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Pairing: Rarity x Spike

- Whew! After a month (or two) of inactivity, I got around to uploading something new. This was actually written way back for the My Little Drabbles project. But at 1000 words, it's not much of a drabble anymore...

- I wrote this *before* "The Secret of my Excess" so the whole dragon maturation thing in my fanfiction may be a bit... Er... Skewed. Lol. Plus the whole Rarity-knows-about-the-crush thing. >_> Sorry.

- This was requested by LouisGWS with the song "Last Chance" by Maroon 5 as the prompt.

- First time writing anything that focused on Rarity and Spike. Please forgive me for any mistakes. ^^; And thank you.

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D'aaaaaawwwwwwwwww. Tracked, sounds very good so far!:pinkiehappy:

Hmm, it say its completed. :moustache:

78338 But the chapter is called chapter 1, so I assumed there would be a chapter 2.

Care to point out where the fail is, if it's so egregious as to require this?

I just dont like it.
So i tell him to get the fuck out. Simple.


#7 · Dec 21st, 2011 · · ·

The fic wasn't... horrible, it just never got anywhere. The character's goals were too small, the consequences menial, the results unknown. Maybe if you continued this, and actually made it go somewhere interesting, instead of being a monotonous confession, you could fix this, but given the 'complete' tag, that is simply not the case. 3/5 stars until you make all this go somewhere.

An okay story. I admit its not the best story ever, but still nicely done. Needs a bit of work on it though, got a lot of potential if continued.

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