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I'm a horridly slow writer, please forgive me. ^^;


Chapter One: Sharing the Night Sky (Twi/Mac)

A collection of drabbles or short stories featuring... Well, anypony really. Little stories about the citizens of Ponyville (and maybe even other areas).

Whoever is decided by whatever my writing muses come up with, or by whatever is suggested on this post. Mostly just doing this to get out the little story ideas that flit around in my head, or inch out of my usual fanfiction comfort zone, as well as oil the rusty gears of my "fanfic writing" part of my mind.

Note: Genres and characters will be updated as chapters are added. :)

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I love all of your stories. Would you have any other suggestions for stories with Twilight SparklexBig Macintosh, yours and the one you put in your authors notes are the only ones I can find?

Thank you! ^_^

Ah! Yes, I posted links to a bunch of them here. :D

15517 I've read Prolonging the Magic. Great fic! This was a super sweet story. I've read others by you and loved them as well. TwiMac is my favorite shipping. I've written one myself! :twilightsmile::eeyup:

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