My Little Drabbles

by Chatelier

First published

A collection of quick story shots for your enjoyment.

Chapter One: Sharing the Night Sky (Twi/Mac)

A collection of drabbles or short stories featuring... Well, anypony really. Little stories about the citizens of Ponyville (and maybe even other areas).

Whoever is decided by whatever my writing muses come up with, or by whatever is suggested on this post. Mostly just doing this to get out the little story ideas that flit around in my head, or inch out of my usual fanfiction comfort zone, as well as oil the rusty gears of my "fanfic writing" part of my mind.

Note: Genres and characters will be updated as chapters are added. :)

Sharing the Night Sky (Twilight Sparkle x Big Macintosh)

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Sharing the Night Sky
(Twilight Sparkle/Big Macintosh)


He knew that he was in for a full day of plowing the fields tomorrow.

He knew that he should be at home, sleeping and resting.

But he also knew that he wouldn’t want to miss this for anything.

Big Macintosh and Twilight Sparkle were on a hill outside of Ponyville, sitting on top of a blanket with Twilight’s telescope set up nearby. A small lantern nearby provided them a little light, just enough to illuminate a book Twilight had about stars. They were doing one of Twilight’s (and his, actually) favorite things: star-gazing. She had heard there was going to be a meteor shower that night, and wanted to be sure to catch it.

“And that one up there’s Ursa Minor,” Twilight Sparkle pointed up at the constellation, stars twinkling and shining all around it. The unicorn’s eyes were looking up at the sky, as bright as the stars she was looking at. The smile she got whenever she spotted another constellation or another shooting star, so full of awe, would make the big red stallion smile as well.

“Just like that one ya saved Ponyville from?” Big Macintosh asked her, earning a little blush from the mare.

“Well… Yes,” she replied, looking away. “I’m surprised you remember,” she said softly.

“’Course I remember… I remember a lot of things about ya, Twi,” Big Mac told her, just as softly. She looked at him, her eyes widening a little in surprise. He gave her his usual warm smile, and she relaxed, smiling at him as well.

Before either of them could speak, the meteor shower began above them. Twilight let out a little gasp, in awe of spectacular shower. The unicorn’s eyes were once more transfixed on the heavens, marveling at the sight.

“Have you ever seen a sight as beautiful as this?” she asked her companion, still not tearing her gaze away from the sky.

Big Macintosh looked at the purple unicorn, her features visible in the soft light of the lantern. Her smile from earlier returned as she continued to watch the meteor shower. Her backdrop was the beautiful starry sky that she loved so much. She looked perfectly at home there, as if it was right where she was meant to be.

“I have,” he said.


“She’s right in front of me.”

Twilight quickly turned to him, a blush staining her cheeks. Big Mac leaned in and gave her a kiss on her cheek, earning a little giggle from the unicorn.

In the back of his mind, he knew that he was probably going to be sleepy during work tomorrow, and bone-tired at the end of the day.

But, for him, it was all worth it.


Chapter Note: Inspired by a fanfiction entitled “Prolonging the Magic” by Closer-To-The-Sun on DeviantArt. Read it. Read it, and be overwhelmed by warm fuzzies and sugar. :D