• Published 4th May 2014
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Love Needs No Reason - Evowizard25

Discord is lonely and looking for something to spice up his life. Luckily for him, and unfortunately for Applejack, he's found the one thing that can help him out.

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To the Marketplace!

The marketplace was one of the busiest places in all of Ponyville. Ah would say ‘the’ busiest, but then ah’d be lyin’. Do ah have to repeat why I hate doin’ that? ‘Course not. Sugarcube Corner is the busiest place in Ponyville and it was that way for a reason. Us ponies love ourselves some sugary treats.

“Might stop by later for a cupcake…maybe some salt licks while ah’m at it.’

My stall wasn’t big or fancy, or really anythin’ to speak of. It was just a little wooden stall, but it held a special place in my heart. Little Apple Bloom had made it herself after all. Sometimes, ah wonder if that filly will get a cutie mark in construction. Would be a big help on the farm to have somepony like that.

‘Maybe then the barns will actually stay up for once.’

That was a dream, nothin’ more.

Anyways, ah was just finishin’ up getting’ the stall ready. Discord wasn’t a prevalent thought or anywhere near me right now, so ah could take my time and be at ease. Well, mostly at ease. The darn critter was still eating away at me even at work. Ah didn’t let it show. No sirree bob. Discord was not gonna ruin today.

Ah inhaled a big breath of that sweet Ponyville air and let it out. Goin’ to work here at the stall was always nice. Ponyvillians were some of the most friendly ponies you could meet. With a loud clank, ah put up the little ‘open’ side on the top of the stall. “Apples for sale. Get yer apples. Nice and fresh.”

“Carrots,” another voice hollered. “Get your carrots. They’re healthier than apples.”

The world around me seemed to freeze in place when that infernal voice filled my ears. Ah knew the owner oh so well. A fire lit inside me. More like a raging inferno of indignation. Turnin’ my head with a fierce glare on my face that would stun a ragin’ bull, ah looked at the mare.

“Carrot Top.”

The orange carrot pony stopped callin’ out her wares and shot me a glare of her own. She wasn’t an impressive earth pony, not with her more petite build. Hay, I’d almost mistake her for a unicorn if’n ah didn’t glance at her head. Might of called her that a few times.

No offense to any unicorns.

Anyways, the two of us stared off in the market. Anypony who was anypony kept themselves out from between us. They knew that wasn’t the smartest move. It was just the two of us. Mono eh mono, or somethin’ like that.

“Applejack.” Carrot Top glared back at me.

“Carrot Top.” Ah pounded my hooves on the top of my stall.

“Applejack.” Carrot Top did the same.

With a quick jump up, ah stood up on my stall. “Carrot Top!”

Carrot Top copied me again. “Applejack!”

Ah hopped to the ground. “Carrot Top!”

“Applejack!” She hopped.

Ah took a step forward, dentin’ the ground beneath in fury. “CARROT TOP!”




Our muzzles bumped up against one another as we lightly growled.





“So, how’re ya doin’?”

“Pretty well actually. My carrots are coming out fabulously. How about you?”

“That’s good to hear and ah’m doin’ just fine,” ah smiled. The two of us were silent for a moment before breakin’ up into laughter.

Ah know that it’s strange, what with us actin’ all mean spirited a moment before, but Carrot Top and me are as close as peas in a pod. Hay, she’s practically family. The two of us grew up together and did everythin’ back in the good ol’ days…Before Nightmare Moon and all that stuff.

‘Course, that didn’t mean me and Carrot weren’t competitors. We fought each and every day to outsell each other. Not because of any animosity or that nonsense. We just think it’s fun.

“Good to see you again, Applejack,” Carrot Top smiled. “Honestly, it feels like forever since we last talked.”

“Been mighty busy,” ah sighed. “If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Being honest with myself, ah’m surprised ah could be here myself. Almost wasn’t.”

“Well I’m glad you were able to,” Carrot Top put a hoof on her shoulder. “I really am. It’s been so boring without you. It kind of reminds me of when you went to Manehattan.”

We both frowned. The reason ah left…wasn’t a pleasant one.

“I should learn to shut my mouth sometimes,” Carrot Top looked away. “I’m so sorry for bringing that.”

Ah sighed. “Nah, it was plain dumb of me to pack up without sayin’ goodbye. We were the best of friends back then.”

“We still are,” Carrot Top offered a friendly nuzzle. “And you had your reasons. Don’t beat yourself up over the past.”

“Oh ah don’t,” ah sighed. “But that don’t make me feel guilty about leavin’ everypony here…and my aunt and uncle.”

Ah may not talk about them a lot, but ah love them dearly. Aunt and Uncle Orange had always looked out for me and did everythin’ in their power to help out the farm. Hay, they were the ones who taught Big Macintosh how to manage those fancy mathematics and Aunty taught me how to talk ponies into stuff.

‘Ah really need to visit them sometime soon…Can’t believe ah forgot to last time ah was in Manehattan, but Rarity was the main reason ah went…Sort of forgot.’

“But we all still love you, mistakes and all,” Carrot Top said. “Now come on. Our wares aren’t just going to sale themselves.”

“Only if yer ready to lose,” ah smirked.

“We’ll see,” Carrot Top smirked as well.

The contest was on.
*Princess Cadance*

Urge to ship rising.

‘Cadance, calm down.’

Urge to ship rising!

‘They’re just friends.’


‘But Discord….’



Okay, I think I’ve gone off the deep end here. I apologize, my shipping senses go crazy now and again…Okay, more like all the time. I try to suppress it, but things can set me off. Like the incredibly adorable interaction between Applejack and that carrot mare.
Where I am I? Currently I’m watching from a nearby bush with a pair of binoculars. Yes, they were pretty much unneeded from this distance, but I thought I might as well look the part. I had even donned an adventurer’s outfit, just like my mother’s own. I don’t know why she doesn’t change it now and again. I’m sure her readers wouldn’t mind.

I had thought about staying to watch over Discord, since he hadn’t…had the best day so far, but Applejack was the main priority at the moment. I’d deal with the big idiot later. Now, I had to observe Applejack during her day. This was the best way to get to know things about her…Besides actually getting to know her.

Which was what I was going to do next. Spying just helps me get a clear idea about where we would hang out.

“Are we just going to stay here in this bush all day? It’s ill befitting a goddess such as myself.”

I groaned, not even looking over at Chrysalis. The changeling had decided to tag along for a while. I don’t know why. She usually left after our battles. Though, that doesn’t mean we don’t hang out occasionally. “Yes, we are. Just quit your whining. You’ll give us away.”

“I’d quite my whining if I didn’t have such a splitting headache,” Chrysalis hissed.

“That’s because you still have an axe embedded in the back of your head,” I pointed out.

Chrysalis blinked in confusion, as if that had been forgotten. “Oh yeah.”

“Spike?” I asked.

“On it,” my son piped up. We were all three wearing the same uniform and I thought he looked so adorable in it. Anyways, he jumped onto Chrysalis’s back and with a mighty heave, pulled the axe out of her skull. He fell back to the ground with a yelp.

Chrysalis sighed with relief, her wound quickly healing. “That feels so much better.” She used her magic to pull Spike into a hug. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” Spike happily chirped.

Did I mention that since we’re gods, mortal weapons can’t kill us? It’s true. The only reason that mortal axe even pierced Chrysalis was because of my own power. Yeah, we sound violent and hateful to each other, but that’s not true. Stabbing each other was just our way of saying ‘I love you’…Just in a really special way that no one else should do if they’re actually mortal…Or have god killing weapons.

Yeah, we’re kind of messed up.

Back to spying on Applejack, I didn’t find anything unusual. She was just selling her wares. Pretty boring actually.

“Is something happening now?” Chrysalis said, peering through her own binoculars.

I slowly turned to her with a frustrated look. “What?”

“I said,” Chrysalis huffed. “Is something happening now.”

“My auntie curse it,” I growled. I had a lot on my bucking plate here. My love mission wasn’t going the way I wanted. Discord had picked a fight with Luna and apparently Luna had nonchalantly sent me a message dealing with Celestia’s disappearance. I’m not a happy camper, even if I just got done with an epic showdown with Chrysalis. “Chrysie, I am so sick of answering that question. Why can’t you just ask me about the weather or something?”

“Hey,” Chrysalis cut me off. “You’re the pony here. I barely know anything about your current culture. Don’t start growling at me just because I’m curious about equine….”

I cut her off. “Okay, okay, look,” I gestured to the two salesponies. “They’re just standing there talking, okay? That’s all their doing. That’s all salesponies ever do, is just talk and sell things. That’s what they did the last century. That’s what they’re doing now. So when you ask me five minutes from now ‘Is something happening now?’ my answer’s going to be ‘They’re still just talking and selling things’.”

We were both silent for a moment. Nothing but our target’s voices could be heard. The chirping of small birds. The leaves and whatnot fluttering about….

“What are they talking about?” Chrysalis asked.

I put down my goggles and glared at her. “I bucking hate you.”
*Fluttershy’s cottage
Fluttershy’s POV*

“Now Angel Bunny,” I softly explained to my beloved pet/friend. A pair of empty saddlebags laid upon my back. “Remember to make sure everyone gets fed properly when I’m gone.”

Angel just lazily nodded his head and gave me a salute. I couldn’t help but chuckle at how cute he was. He may not act it all the time, but Angel is just the sweetest little guy a mare could ask for. Reliable too.

“Good,” I nuzzled him softly on the head before trotting away. “Take care now. I’ll be back from the market in an hour. See you then.”

I knew I might have to stay longer away from home. Ponyville can be quite hectic at times and my friends might need me. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have gone at this time of day. No doubt it would be busy in town. Now, however, I was confident I could do it.

My trip was definitely going to take longer when a white flash appeared in front of me. There, standing before me, was my dear friend Discord.

“Oh Fluttershy,” he seemed genuinely scared. “Thank chaos you’re here. I needed to get away from that crazy mare.”
I frowned. “Now Discord, Applejack…”

“Not Applejack,” Discord cut me off. “Granny Smith. She thought I was really hurt and…She tried to drown me in soup. She had a funnel and everything. It was horrifying.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” I pointed out. “She was just trying to help.”

Discord scoffed. “I need help just as much as a tree needs ice.” He stroked his beard. “Ice trees…just maybe…”

I coughed, gaining his attention. I didn’t want him to try anything with that idea. I loved Discord dearly like he was practically family, but he was a hooffull. “That’s nice and I’m sorry for interrupting you, but could you be so kind as to accompany me to the market place? I don’t want to be a burden, but I think we have a lot to talk about.”

Yes we did. This was my chance to see if I could sort things out, or at least figure out Discord’s intentions. I knew it wasn’t anything ‘bad’, but he was a kid at heart. He could break something without noticing and Applejack….I feared for her heart.

“Sounds like a lovely idea,” Discord chirped happily, conjuring up a huge, upside red umbrella big enough for the both of them. He lifted me up by his tail, causing me to squeak in fear.

“Now Flutter butter,” Discord gently put me into the umbrella. “There’s no reason to squeak. You’re in no danger…Or are you part mouse? I know you ponies are open to the whole interspecies thing, but what was your ancestor thinking about being with a mouse?”

“I’m not part mouse,” I huffed. “I just get scared easily. You know that.”

Discord nodded. “True, true.” He patted the umbrella. “Well, let’s make haste. To the marketplace, my noble umbrella.”

Four red legs quickly formed underneath the umbrella. Rearing back like a majestic stallion, it barked like a dog and galloped into town.

‘Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea.’

Author's Note:

Phew. Sorry with the wait. Hopefully, it won't happen again. (No promises. College and all.)

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and please leave a comment.

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